Gut Rumbles

July 31, 2004



This is the hotel cat who took up with me for seven days. And YES, I did let the shitass sit in my lap. She ate a lizard and puked on my front porch one morning.

Goddam cat.



If I ate a lizard, I'd probably puke too. On the porch, in the back yard, across the driveway, down the road....

Know what I mean?

Posted by: Stevie on July 31, 2004 10:17 PM

I had NOTHING to do with the posting of that picture.

Just wanted to go on record....Acidman done cat bombed himself.

Posted by: Da Goddess on August 1, 2004 02:50 AM

Damn, this is getting creepy.

Clearly, the real Acidman didn't return from Costa Rica. I think one of the girls from the escort service left a big green pod next to his bed one night, after getting him to fall asleep, and this thing which looks like Acidman, but really isn't, came back in his place. He's no doubt waiting for a Fed-Ex shipment of green pods to show up this week.

Why no pictures of the Crackerbox since his return? Is it because he doesn't want us to see all the cats?

"All your laps are belong to us!"

Posted by: Mike James on August 1, 2004 03:17 PM

Look at the moggie's expression!

It's the AcidCat! (g)

Posted by: Ernest Brown on August 1, 2004 07:17 PM

You did it, you bastard!

You posted a cat!

Admit, you like her...

Posted by: Key on August 2, 2004 01:41 PM
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