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June 30, 2004


I was rummaging around in the compost of the 'pooter room when I found something that made sit cross-legged on the floor and study for a while. It's a notebook that I kept at work in January of 2001. I have a lot of notes about projects, deadlines and personnel issues, but there's one page in that notebook that froze my hand.

I made a list of names... all the people that I had worked with who were dead now. I had 54 names on the list and just looking at it today, I could add five more. I remember making that list, but I'm not certain why I did it. I believe that I was sitting at my desk one day, mired in some miserable paperwork, and I just needed to let my mind go elsewhere for a break.

So, I started thinking about dead people. (go figure) And I made a list.

These weren't just names on a piece of paper. They were people I KNEW. People I worked with, ate with, laughed with and played golf with. All dead now.

I don't believe that anyone becomes conscious of his own mortality until he's outlived a lot of people. That's one of the reasons that kids are fearless. They aren't familiar with death. They believe that they will live forever.

And I wish that they could.


Well, of course, they do.

That's why this nutty collection of genomes we call humans continues to procreate.

Because we know our future is in the fearlessness of our offspring.

Posted by: cj on July 1, 2004 12:04 AM
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