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June 08, 2004


As I was making the long drive into Savannah yesterday to pick up my divorce appeal from my lawyer, and then making the long drive to Springfield to file it, I listened to Neil Boortz on the radio. He asked this question and he swore that the answer was true:

"Half of all human deaths in the history of mankind can be attributed to one disease. What is that disease?"

I answered right away. "MALARIA!" I yelled at the radio. Other people guessed heart disease, AIDS, murder, high blood pressure and all kinds of other off-the-wall crap, but malaria was the correct answer.

If you want proof, go check the malaria clock.

Environmentalists aren't "green." They have more blood on their hands than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined.


WHO estimates 1.1 million deaths a year attributed to malaria, however the death toll for TB is estimated at 2 million.

Posted by: Patsy on June 8, 2004 10:48 AM

It's Ok for humans to die just don't go around killing mosquitoes. Personally I'd like to take all environmentallists and put them 50 miles north of Chandalar, Alaska in the summer with nothing more than their environmental handbooks. Survive that all you enviro-fascists.

Posted by: Jack on June 8, 2004 11:12 AM
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