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June 01, 2004

killer toads

Maybe I shouldn't have picked up that big, fat toad I saw on the street in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It might have been one of these.

Can you imagine dropping dead on the street and having your grieving family ask, "How could this happen?"

"A killer toad got him. There was nothing we could do."


"A killer toad got him. I'm sorry, but it happens all the time."

"Rob was killed by a TOAD?"

"Yes. He never should have picked it up. But he died quickly and painlessly, except for getting pissed on by the toad as he was expiring. We have the toad in custody and it will face prosecution to the fullest extent of the law."

I think that Death By Killer Toad might be a good way to exit this world. That way, death could be just as ridiculous as life.


I'm thinking that a decent .22 rifle and about a thousand rounds of ammo might make a dent in the toad population.

If I have any left over from the Great Reckoning With Hippies, that is.

Posted by: Kim du Toit on June 1, 2004 08:32 PM

Takes a lot more than a 22 to take out a hippie. Some of their skulls are pretty thick.

You should know by now, Kim, you hunt toads with a pickup truck.

Posted by: og on June 1, 2004 08:49 PM

My understanding is that these things reproduce wutg reat enthusiam, you probably can't shoot them fast enough.

Like the rabbits in Australia.

Posted by: Fred on June 2, 2004 01:38 PM

map quest

Posted by: map quest on July 9, 2004 09:50 AM
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