Gut Rumbles

April 01, 2004

i just don't do it that way

When I divorced my first wife, I received custody of my daughter and I asked the judge for $5 a month in child support. That's FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS A MONTH, which I wanted as a symbolic effort on her part. The judge turned me down and I got custody of my daughter but NO child support.

Now, I'm hearing lawyers and judges say that state law COMMANDS that I pay child support to a son that I cannot visit and I pay based on income that I no longer earn. That's a bunch of horseshit. I don't know what my over-paid lawyer is doing, but I've searched the internet and found NUMEROUS CASES where the judge waives child support altogether, just as the first judge did to me.

Quinton lacks for nothing in this life. In fact, he has so much that he doesn't appreciate what he has. His Mamaw gave him $20 for his birthday and I found that $20 under a pile of dirty clothes in his bedroom. Got-dam! Do you remember what $20 meant when YOU were ten years old? I do, and I considered it to be a fortune. Quinton forgets about it.

He needs child support the way I need a dick growing from my forehead. I've already paid more than $15,000 dollars in support since the divorce, while I watched my ex-wife buy two new cars, a very nice house and install a swimming pool in the back yard. Now she's suing ME for everything I have?

I have a problem with this equation. Of course, I have a solution, too.

Every equation can be solved.