Gut Rumbles

April 01, 2004

my aching ass

This guy is a complete dickhead. I didn't answer his poll, but I'll answer now.

We are at war with Islamic terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy our nation and rain humiliation on our heads. They got in their best lick on 9/11, and the stupid bastards have been on the run ever since. They didn't believe that we would come after them the way we have. They were accustomed to a Bill Clinton Presidency, which was all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The Allah-screaming nutballs we're dealing with now didn't expect a genuine American cowboy to come after them. George Bush did. And the results should be clear to anyone with a brain in his head.

Al Qeada has lost most of its leaders (and Osama Bin Dead, folks-- I don't care what Al Sharpton has to say on that subject), their training camps are destroyed and their money supply is drying up rapidly. The best they can do now is a few random bombings on a small scale, a lot of threats that they can't carry out, and a life of hiding from Uncle Sam.

Every week, we capture another kingpin and take out a lot of his operatives. Slowly but surely, we are winning this war. We are suffering combat deaths, but that's what happens in a war. And IT IS A WAR, against an enemy that will not quit until it is utterly destroyed.

You do not make peace or negotiate with such people. You kill them all before they kill you.

Only a blind-ass leftist could see this situation any differently.