Gut Rumbles

March 27, 2004

good question

Do you not sometimes wish you had never started your blog?
It seems to have cost you your job, your chances of seeing your son, your peace of mind (Death threats?) and probably more...
Although it does make for interesting reading because of all of that.

Posted by steve at March 27, 2004 10:39 AM

Steve, I don't regret starting this blog at all. I was hammered pretty hard by my ex-wife when she divorced me, that bloodless cunt, and if I didn't have this outlet, I probably would have killed myself. I still dangle that possibility in my imagination every day.

Just go to sleep forever. Forget about the lawyers and the betrayals and the money-grubbing maggots trying to crawl up my ass like a pack of hungry possums. Just go to sleep and never wake up.

If I sound incoherent, it's because I'm still running a high fever. But I don't believe that I'm that far off the mark about how I really feel. I WILL NOT let that adulterating bitch take all of my money, no matter what ANY judge says. I'll cash everything and burn it in my back yard first.

If you don't believe me, Jennifer, try me. YOU know me well enough to understand that I'll do it.