Gut Rumbles

March 01, 2004

i don't know

I am supposed to meet with my lawyer and a banker today. I believe that both of them intend to fuck me.

Hell, I KNOW that my lawyer wants to fuck me, because that's what lawyers do. I've already paid that bastard $2,800 for shit I could probably handle myself. But what appears to be complete bullshit to me IS NOT bullshit in a court of law. The law has its own way of seeing things and reality does not intrude to confuse a judge very often. So, I hired a mouthpiece.

The banker wants to show me how to invest my money so that he can make as much off of it as he can. I'm gonna put that fucker in his place. He ain't a lawyer and it's MY MONEY. I call ALL THE SHOTS on this one. If he wants to be a prick, I'll take every dime I've got in that bank OUT and go somewhere else. Most bankers don't want to see several hundred thousand dollars walking out the door. That guy had better take a good look at my ass before I sit down in front of him. Look for the fence. It ain't there.

I wish that I didn't have to do this shit today, but I do. I have to provide the lawyer with information. I've got it all in one nice envelope. I'm doing half of his work and paying him twice what he's worth, but that the LAW.

That banker had better kiss MY ass, not the other way around. I don't need him. We'll see how it goes.

But I already know that I ain't going to like it.