Gut Rumbles

March 01, 2004

howard stern

I've never listened to the man's radio show. I read his book and saw his movie, and I recognized a kindred soul. He beards the lion. And he does it ON PURPOSE.

What is happening to howard now is complete bullshit. Every radio station that airs his show knows that he is an outrageous performer. He has been that way for years. That's what Howard does; that's also why he draws such a large audience.

I've never understood why some people have so much trouble with their radio controls. If you run across something you don't like, just SWITCH THE GODDAM CHANNEL and listen to something else. Don't go bitching to government nannys for new laws and bans and witch-burnings because your delicate sensibilities were offended. Fuck that idea.

I offend a lot of people with this blog. Writing the way I do cost me a job I excelled at for 24 years. But I offended delicate sensibitities, and today corporate law offices will pitch a hissy over such a horrible crime. I use the forbidden "N-word" and I call females "wimmen." I call my ex-wife a "bloodless cunt." My writing pisses a lot of people off.

Guess what, people? I have the right to do that in this country as long as I don't violate libel laws or actually slander anybody. And everything I've said about my ex-wife is true. I would LOVE to see her, that slut, suing me for slander. Instead, she uses my son as a weapon against me. SHE KNOWS that she behaved as a complete whore during our divorce. But judges don't want to hear that kind of shit anymore. They just demand that the ex-husband pay child support.

I have never approved of this law in Georgia. The Supreme Court must have been smoking opium when they dreamed up the "community standards" yardstick to decide what is obscene and what is not.

Do you want to know what really decides "community standards?" It ain't the Baptist ministers and the Bible-thumpers who turn out in droves to support such nannyism. It is the goddam cash register in the store. If "community standards" don't approve of the food you serve in a restaurant, see how fast you go broke. Serve weak drinks in a bar, cheat the customers and see how long you stay open.

But open "Missy's Adult Boutique" and make a good living running the store. MY GAWD! People actually go in there and buy pornography, purchase vibrating dildoes and keep that cash register ringing. There are your fucking "community standards," but we can't have that store operating in a God-fearing place such as Savannah, Georgia.

The owner finally got tired of the police raids, the lawsuits and the noise of the Baptists. He closed the store and moved to Atlanta, where I understand that he has prospered ever since.

We don't teach our children very well anymore. Do you you know why the First Amendment to the Constitution is the FIRST AMENDMENT? It was written to protect people from religious persecution and to guarantee them the right to be offensive in free speech. What the Founders feared most was a nanny-government, run by political-correctness instead of individual freedom. That's what they rebelled against.

Look at how far we've come.