Gut Rumbles

November 19, 2003

not today

I had intentions of going to Florida today, but I changed my mind this morning. When I crawled out of bed, it was barely daylight, but I could see the trees in my backyard patch of woods twisting and bending as if they were being throttled by the wind. I stepped out on the back porch and got a dose of the same thing myself.

Bejus! Mother Nature was in a foul mood.

The rain started about 30 minutes later and it's been falling hard ever since. I checked the Weather Channel and discovered that where I intended to go today resembles a war zone on the weather-map. I ain't drving through that kind of shit when I don't have to.

I'm going to hunker down in the Crackerbox until this crap blows over. I'll go to Florida tomorrow.


What's in Florida, besides more pine trees, snakes, bugs, flies? Oh yeah, some really beautiful beaches!!

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