Gut Rumbles

September 30, 2003

Tuesday Troubles

* If I had known that my blog daddy was going to link me, I might have cleaned up my act a little last night. Of course, if I had done that, he might not have linked me. I am SO confused. I think I'll just keep writing the way I do. But thanks, Dad. That's another blow against the alliance.

* Some more people sent me cat-bombs today via my email. I KNOW they don't hate me, because they say "You'll LOVE THIS ONE, Acidman," then they make me puke all over my keyboard. People... I don't believe that there is any such thing as a "cute" cat. I hate 'em all.

* My trusty truck overheated on me on the way home from work today. It hit the red-hot zone on the temperature indicator and my "Service Engine Soon" light came on. I pulled over on the side of the road to check things out. I let the engine cool while I smoked a cigarette. I crawled under the truck and saw something that I didn't like. The water pump was bleeding like a stuck hog. I finally garnered the nerve to pop the radiator cap, and I managed to do it without getting any scald-scars on my arms or face. The result wasn't pretty.

Luckily for me, I carry a gallon of water in the bed of my truck and I was able to refill the radiator and make it all the way home. But that truck needs to hit the shop tomorrow. I'm going to call my boss shortly and take tomorrow off as emergency vacation. I also need to call Recondo 32 to see if he can follow me to the repair shop and bring me back home while the mechanics fix my truck. If not, I'll be doomed to a long day of sitting in a car-repair garage.

* Do I seem to have attracted a larger than normal legion of trolls lately, or am I just becoming paranoid in my old age? They TELL me that I CAN'T WRITE, then PROVE that they can't in my comments. What kind of bent spoke gets a thrill out of that?

* Wanna know why the Effingham County Herald dropped me like a hot rock? Wanna know what pissed off the Salzburgers? I DARED to criticize the WAY THEY DRIVE. Salzburgers don't drive worth a shit. That's a FACT. And I followed one of those assholes halfway down highway 21 today while he drove with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake AT THE SAME TIME.

I realize now that when I mention such things, I may offend delicate Salzburger sensibilities. But I can't help myself. YOU FUCKING FRUITCAKES!!! If you drive with your goddam brake lights on ALL THE TIME, what good are your brake lights? You're gonna fry those brakes pretty fast, too, dumbfucks.

But don't tell 'em that around here. They won't drive any better, but you WILL piss them off, and they'll get you fired.


Hehe, brace yourself...the Instalanche will probably bring even more Trolls lollygagging along.

Rob can't write. BlogLord links to Rob AGAIN. Hmmmm...does that mean:

a) Rob can't write, ergo Glenn Reynolds enjoys reading tripe, or

b) Rob writes so well that Glenn Reynolds, who probably doesn't read tripe, checks his blog out on a regular basis.

*ps - I don't think the cat is cute either, just had to jump on the cat-bombing bandwagon. Mea culpa....

I'm off to generate more tripe ;-)

Posted by: Donnie on September 30, 2003 06:48 PM

As I expected, your account of your being dropped by the Effingham County Herald not accurate. When I called there to ask, nobody remembered you or wouldn't admit to it. Then I finally got a guy to remember. He said your loutish remarks about Saltzburgers was not the specific reason your writing was no longer accepted, rather it was a general lack of professionalism and maturity. What he said in the end was kind of funny. "He was a louse in the locks of journalism."

Have a nice day :-)

Posted by: Dave on September 30, 2003 10:59 PM

If that newspaper really said that then Acidman has a valid case for a lawsuit.

Posted by: Yosemite Sam on October 1, 2003 04:40 AM

Dave, you are a lying fuck.

Posted by: Acidman on October 1, 2003 06:40 AM

If they'd fired Rob for the reason he said, do you really think anyone there would admit it?

"Uh, yeah, we suck up to certain people and fire our employtees just because they tell us to. Turns out we're not the independent voice of truth in this county after all. Kinda sucks, don't it?"

Dave, you're an idiot.

Posted by: McGehee on October 1, 2003 10:18 AM

What the hell's a Salzburger?

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