Gut Rumbles

July 02, 2003

food for thought

I was raised well by loving parents who instilled a lot of their values in me. Much of that raising and many of those values stuck with me all of my life. But I also walked a crooked path at the same time. I didn't always do what they wanted me to do. I didn't always heed good advice.

I broke my parents' hearts more than once and made them angry enough to want to kill me many times. But I believe that I ended up knowing who I am.

Think about this.

Yeah, yeah,I agree that all arguments must appeal to reason and employ logic or they're not really arguments, just rants. But quite often, the purely rational argument is not the best argument among non-Vulcans. As Chesterton noted the purely rational man will not marry and the purely rational soldier will not fight. If you think the visceral and emotional have no place in political arguments you must live alone on an island. There may good arguments and logical justifications for saying "ick" (or yuck, blech etc) but that doesn't mean we should simply dismiss plain old revulsion out of hand. As a matter of pure objective analysis, the political agent who ignores the role of passion and revulsion will invariably lose against the one who takes such things into account.

I didn't name this blog "Gut Rumbles" for nothing. I'm a visceral guy when it comes to my values. It either "feels" right, or it doesn't. If I think "ick" about something, I won't do it, and nobody can make me. The thought of owning a cat today makes me say "ick," kind of like the thought of eating human flesh does.

I'll draw an "ick" line in the dirt and I won't cross it.

I believe that abortion is icky. Partial-birth abortion is infanticide. I don't care what the pro-choice harridans have to say about it. It's icky to me. ALL abortion is icky to me.

Affirmative Action is icky. How can we have " equal rights" in this country when government stacks the deck in favor of "minorities?" That's just fucking WRONG. I see totally incompetent people getting good jobs every day because of the color of their skin. I am icked-out by that crap.

Blacks have had 150 years and every goddam bootstrap in this country HANDED to them since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society bullshit and they STILL have a 70% illegitmacy rate on newborns and occupy 50% of the prison cells in the country. That's not racism, folks. That ain't "diversity, either. That's a part of society that needs to clean up its act and learn to be responsible. To reward or excuse that kind of behavior just encourages more of the same.

Who are their heroes? Jesse Jackson. Al Sharpton. Maxine Waters. Al Gore. Bill Clinton. What do these "heroes" offer? More of the same thing that has kept Black people on the Democrat plantation since the 60's. Taking a handout may be easy, but it IS NOT freedom. Freedom is a dangerous thing. It offers the possibility of failure.

But it gives you the chance to succeed. I'll take my chances in a fair game. I know that I can do it because my gut tells me so.

No one will ever change my mind about abortion or Affirmative Action. Both are fucking WRONG, period. I won't campaign to outlaw abortion, because I know human nature. Outlawing abortion won't ever stop abortions. People will have them anyway. Rich people will have clean ones and poor people will get what they can afford. That situation is WORSE than what we have now.

But Affirmative Action is inexcusable. ANY TIME the government favors one group over another, government is out of line. The JUSTIFICATION is ridiculious, too. We discriminated against YOU once upon a time, and we realize now that discrimination is wrong. So, to atone for that sin we are going to discriminate against a DIFFERENT group of people now. Two wrongs make a right.

Fuck that.

Stop making excuses for failure. Stop trying to give people something they don't deserve. Level the playing field, make the rules clear, and say, "Grab it and growl." Then, back off and stay the fuck out of the fray. THAT'S what government should do.

Equality of opportunity does not guarantee equality of outcomes. If you don't have the wherewithall, you can't compete. Giving you a leg up when you don't have the wherewithall does you no favor. It dooms you to become a joke around the people you work with. "No, don't give that assignment to HIM. It's a complex problem, as in COMPLEXION, if you know what I mean. He can't do it. Give it to the intern. That kid is bright."

That shit happens all the time, and when a real Black whiz-bang comes along, nobody believes that he did it through sheer ability and hard work. We've been taught NOT TO EXPECT ABILITY AND HARD WORK FROM BLACK PEOPLE! THEY NEED AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! THEY CAN'T COMPETE! He's gotta be just another Black jelly bean because we have SO MANY of them in positions that they can't handle today.

If that crap is doing Black people a favor, there ain't a cow in Texas. It rewards the weak and punishes the strong.

How that philosophy betters ANYBODY is beyond my comprehension.


Well, as I have been given to understand, if you compare blacks versus whites at the same socio-economic level, you will find comparable crime rates. So it's not a question of black or white, it's a question of where you are on the ladder. Unfortunately, blacks tend to occupy lower socio-economic levels than whites, so a higher proportion of blacks end up involved in crime than whites.

Once blacks and whites are leveled out on the socio-economic ladder, there should be no "difference" between the two.

Affirmative Action does not solve this issue. Hiring people according to their ability solves the problem...that is, as long as we allow people of all races to acquire the knowledge to pursue their innate abliities.

Perhaps I'm suggesting that a hard look at the educational (read: government indoctrination) system is in order.

Perhaps I'm suggesting that the issue the government is trying to solve via Affirmative Action is actually caused by other governmental "solutions" to other "problems." Ya think?

Posted by: Hank on July 2, 2003 06:54 PM

Hank, I cannot argue with you. I just believe that government took a bad problem and made it worse.

Posted by: Acidman on July 2, 2003 07:12 PM

Joseph Stalin said, " You can never get the American people to vote for Communism, or even Socialism, but you can lead them into our program through the back door."
He was speaking to the chairman of the Communist Party in the USA.
He said to William Foster, " Go home and say that you support the present system, but that you wish to improve it by more government action on behalf of needy people.
Take your stand for anything that will involve government more deeply in regulation and control of men's activities.
In this way, you can bring America into Communism, without the people ever knowing it."
circa 1928

Posted by: ken on July 2, 2003 08:00 PM

These thoughts came to mind, and I think they are Andy Rooney's:

I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.
The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens. Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.

I believe a self-righteous liberal or conservative with a cause is more dangerous than a Hell's Angel with an attitude.

Posted by: pw101 on July 2, 2003 08:42 PM

I note your mentioning Lyndon Johnson, and also the Democrat plantation. I wonder how many blacks are aware that when putting through the Great Society and all the rest of it, Johnson said 'This'll have the niggers voting Democrat [or 'for us'] for the next 200 years!" or something darn close.

Posted by: bear, the (one each) on July 2, 2003 09:01 PM

"Mail to '", huh, "Hank"? You so believe in what you said that you're using a pseudonym and a fake address? 'Perhaps' the reason Acidman can't argue with you is that you said the exact same things he did about Gov't. causing more problems by trying to solve problems and that Affirmative Action isn't working.
And, how do you propose we 'level the playing field'? And, exactly WHO is keeping black kids from going to school? And, why?

This entire situation is actually less about the color of a persons skin than it is the strength of their work ethic. Lazy people get less out of life than hard working people. That's a simple fact. What no one seems to ever say is that there are lazy white people, too. Worse than lazy people are the lazy people who want to be PAID for being that way. I don't give a rat's patoot WHAT color they are.
I'm not a racist because I'm not against black people as a group. I don't see a black person and automatically think anything. What makes me ill are the people who are LAZY, with their hand out, with this "you-owe-me" attitude, with hatefulness written all over them because they know what they are and they hate it. When those people, white or black, aren't satisfied with what they're given (for doing NOTHING AT ALL) then they start wanting what that guy over there, who has worked his butt off, has. If the Gov't. won't give it to them, they want to break his head and just take it. Which is being an envious thief as well as lazy. (Gee, three commandments broken in one sentence...)

Ya wanna know why some people- regardless of skin color, mind you- would rather sell drugs all day than be in school? MONEY. Wanna know why some more people would rather be given money just for existing (and ex-wives are WORSE about this than anybody else on the entire friggin' planet) than working for it? EASY MONEY and not one shred of self-esteem.

"You can't get something for nothing" is a saying I've heard my whole life. The way I was raised, I feel compelled to add "Who would even WANT to?" Useless, lazy, unmotivated, no-brained, stupid leeches would, that's who, for the most part. (Notice RACE is not one of the criteria, there.) The people I come from would rather starve than take handouts. Which, incidentally, no one ever had to actually do (starve) because we will and have worked low-paying, menial labor, shit jobs until something better comes along. And, where it has been unavoidable, you can bet they took as little as humanly possible, felt shitty about it and then made sure it got paid back-just so they could get that "loser" aura offa themselves. (And, those few times, it was a loan from a family member. I'm not aware of anyone in my family ever being on Welfare...) I, myself, have been jobless a few times in my life and hell, damn near homeless once...I have NEVER asked for or taken one frickin' penny from our Gov't. or anyone else. Not even unemployment and CERTAINLY not 'alimony'...(AAARRGGGHHH...just the thought of alimony makes my hair crawl.)

Every single person has choices. They may not all be the best choices, or equal choices but it's still the individuals CHOICE to stay 'downtrodden' or to do their best to change their life and get out from under. I wouldn't mind helping people be the best they can be, but I sure as hell don't want to do everything for someone who just lays there whining. I thought Welfare was supposed to be for people who needed a little leg up, a little TEMPORARY help, to get their shit straight. I do not believe it was meant to finance personal, won't even try to get a job, lifestyles. Ya know?

"We need to level the playing field" sounds like "We need to make life fair". Well, it ain't. Never will be. What we need to do is make sure people are taught that and that they can still succeed by trying longer and working harder, not by suckin' offa everybody else. That's how you get to be "equal on the ladder".

Posted by: stevie on July 2, 2003 09:28 PM

Well, "Stevie," Hank is what I go by. Hank is what people call me. Ergo I doubt it's a pseundonym. Among other reasons I don't reveal my email address is so that assholes like you can't dump your drivel in my lap. This is a public forum and I choose keep it that way and not to mix it in with my private life. However, I do appreciate Acidman's willingness to do so. I hope this answers any questions you might have in that regard.

As to my previous post: I never said anything about leveling any playing fields. I said that if you (hypothetically) had a society wherein the blacks and the whites just happened to be equally mixed across all social and economic levels then crimes would be perpetrated by both groups on an equal basis, primarily by those who occupied the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder -- blacks and whites equally. I just didn't spell it out so every jackanape would be able to instantaneously grasp the concept. Perhaps that was an error on my part.

And yes, people will accept tendered largesse, even if you yourself may not. Albert Jay Nock tells us that it's human nature to use the least amount of effort required to accomplish any particular endeavor. If somebody is offering free hundred dollar bills, most people will take them once they figure out there's no obvious downside.This is human nature at work. I don't think it's entirely attributable to "laziness."

But the supreme irony here is that the purveyors of these schemes of largesse are the true executors of this trait. They have figured out how to harness the might of the State as a "lazy" way to garner unto themselves the trappings of power. Yessir -- they (for instance) gather up millions of chickens via the power of the State, then magnanimously dole them out to the "deserving" masses that just happen to have a qualifying pot to put the chicken in. They assume power the lazy way, by utilizing the strength and complicity of the State. The other people assume the lazy route in life by taking the chickens.

You'll note that when the government rolled back the welfare program, welfare recipients rolled back, too. These people were quite complacent about taking free money. So these empires can be reversed, on occasion.

Prior to the reversal, welfare was the "easy" way. Some people bought into the ease of the welfare lifestyle. Other people became powerful "rulers" of the welfare bureaucracy because it was the easy way to be powerful. All enabled by the State.

So would I want the State to "level the playing field?" No, they'd fuck it up, just like everything else they ever try to do. The only way any playing field is going to get "leveled" is to get people to realize that it's ability that counts, and little else. How do you get people to realize that? Beats me. It's probably a question best answered by a free market.

Posted by: Hank on July 2, 2003 10:47 PM

So, you think I'm an asshole. Okay. I may not be having the greatest day of my life here, but at least I didn't stoop to calling you names. Between your lack of a valid address and your name calling, you are making yourself look like a troll.

I look at the names used here for, basically, two reasons: To find cool new blogs and to recognize the trolls. I do not Email people from here or any other blog. But, if I just HAD to be so personal as to call people names and such, maybe then I would use Email....At least that way, only one person would think I was an "asshole" and not the WORLD of people who come here.

Posted by: stevie on July 2, 2003 11:11 PM

Troll, "Aunt" Stevie? Looks to me like you're the one trying to pick a fight. Sorry, not interested. Ciao.

Posted by: Hank on July 2, 2003 11:37 PM

Do what? What the devil is the "Aunt" part about? Look, when I first read your post, I WAS looking at it as if it was written by a...not sincere person. There have been a few around here lately. Then, after the first paragraph, I got into trying to explain my feelings about it being more of a "work ethic or lack thereof" problem than a race issue. You act like everything I said was a personal attack on you. Sorry, but after the first paragraph, I forgot you and went my own (twisted) way. Hell, Dude, I got more riled up over alimony than I was about you in the first place. Then you come back at me with "asshole" and "jackanape" whatever in the hell that is and this "Aunt" stuff and you think I'M the one trying to start a fight? Please.

Posted by: stevie on July 3, 2003 12:06 AM

Affirmative action is an insult to black people's intelligence. The guilt-ridden and condescending white liberal thinks that the only way a black person can make it in this country is if they help them with entitlement programs. That is the epitome of arrogance. Liberals gave us public housing and we all know what a miserable failure that's been.

The more entitlements you hand out to those of any color, the more demanding and useless those people become.

Posted by: Brent on July 3, 2003 08:40 AM

OK here goes.
I am a Black man. Sorry Acidman, but you have no idea who my heroes and sheroes are. You certainly didn't name any of mine. I can't even begin to count the times I have seen incompetent folks get ahead because of their skin color which is "white". Isn't it just dandy that you all can speak about the needs of a racial minority of which you are not a member. Many of you can't get past the racist attitudes and stereotypical thinking which still rules the day in this country. I have known from an early age that no matter what I do some folks will discount, disrespect, do just about anything but recognise my abilities and hard work. Don't talk about Black folks work ethic. We have had to work harder just to stay a step behind. Now that some of us have moved into the economic mainstream I get to hear all this crap about how unfair affirmative action is. Isn't this all about the fear that the economic pie isn't big enough for all of us to have a good bite? Fuck yeah I want my share. I've gone to school, got a fucking MBA, no one earned my grades for me but me damn it. I've worked my ass off for years, and I still get to hear this stupid crap about how I've been given a hand out. Fuck that shit. Get over yourselves white people and get out of our way. Learn to recognise the bill of goods you've been sold. You don't get it do you. As long as some of us are less than free, we are all under somebody's thumb.
You just can't stand that the Supreme Court didn't kill off affirmative action. Fuck, you even had Clarence Thomas on your side. He sure as hell is no damn hero of mine either. Now flame me all you want.

Regards.................. JOE

Posted by: Joewoofs on July 3, 2003 10:48 AM

Joe, after reading your comment I went through it and replaced "black" with "white" and vice versa.

Sounded very KKK to me.

Posted by: McGehee on July 3, 2003 02:45 PM

Joe makes his own point against himself. If there were no affirmative action, he could prove with no doubts possible that it was his own hard work that got him where he was.

Posted by: Ian S. on July 3, 2003 03:14 PM

Don't even try it. Nothing I said can be flipped around to sound anything like the KKK. I'm not hiding behind some fucking sheet or some lame ass conservative bullshit.

I don't have to prove a damn thing to any of you. I know who I am. Affirmative action opened a crack for me to attend Drexel University way back in 1972. I got accepted because I was just a smart as any other student. I would not have gone there if I had not been pushed to do it and I got some scholarship money to make it possible. The folks who know me understand I am no less intelligent than anyone and can hold my own anywhere.
I'm just not going to read this bullshit and have nothing to say. I know what I have to say won't change anyones mind if their thinking is narrow and confined. Somebody has to speak up now and then. Otherwise you'd think this bullshit is the gospel truth. It aint. You can believe whatever you like, but do check out that holier than thou factor now and then.

Regards ................................... JOE

Posted by: Joewoofs on July 3, 2003 06:45 PM

My brother, the big brother cripples us all, not one section of society, just the ones who cannot or will not stand and achieve, their goals, what ever the goals might be. We have all been crippled by the bullshit of entitlement, I am, as you are, entitled to what I work for and that is it. I believe we can extend a hand to the crippled, the mentally challenged or the old, but, why should we give to the able bodied folks, that will not work to feed themselves or shelter themselves?
Our uncle does this to keep himself in office and power, where he does not need to perform, just take what we earn and use it for his on purpose.

Posted by: ken on July 3, 2003 09:01 PM

Hank-just in case you check here again, I wrote you again on my site. (And came here off my site meter...;-).

BTW, anybody...where's Acidman today?

Posted by: stevie on July 4, 2003 02:41 AM

I find all surgery icky. I find dealing with other's body fluids icky. All this ickyness is why I'm in electronics instead of medicine.

Shouldn't the country respect my feelings of ickyness and outlaw medicine?

Ickyness may be a rational guide to personal behavior. It is not a rational guide to law making.

Posted by: M. Simon on July 4, 2003 12:48 PM


The way to solve the drugs/money problem is the same way we solved the alcohol/money problem.


It is affirmative racism that has caused whites to believe you didn't earn what you have.

Jews dealt with the same problems blacks have in a different way. It was said that a Jew had to be twice as good just to be considered even with whites. So Jews said "fuck you" and worked really hard and became 7 times as good. Now when a Jew applies for a position this extra effort on the part of all Jews is added to his "score". Unfair? Sure. But that is what making extra efforts in the face of all kinds of handicaps will get you. Prefrences.

The main thing holding blacks back besides affirmative racism is the excereable state of our public school systems. A few blacks are in the forefront of the voucher movement. There ought to be a lot more. Where are they? On the Democrats "the government owes me a living because my great grand parents were slaves" plantation.

You want more respect? Get off the plantation.

Posted by: M. Simon on July 4, 2003 01:06 PM


Every time you go to the man with the gun (government) for a leg up people resent having a gun put to their heads. Wouldn't you?

The Jews have proved that it is better to get what you want by extrodinay efforts than using violence or the threat of violence. Even if the violence is done by third parties acting in your favor.

What you have to ask yourself is why Jews produce social goods (science, medicine, technology, business, Nobel prizes, law even - you know the rule, if you want to win in court get Johnny Cochran or a Jew. OJ had both. Smart fellow. ) all out of proportion to their numbers? Then figure how to graft those parts of Jewish culture that give them an advantage on to black culture. Dissing blacks for "acting white" as is done by a significant portion of black culture is not helping. Perhaps it is time that blacks learned to "act Jewish".

From what I read of the polls blacks identify more closely with Arabs (all time losers) than Jews (all time winners). Why is that? Does it help? Five million Jews in Israel with no oil out compete and out fight 500 million Arabs with oil. Could it be something about Jewish vs Arab culture?

As Patton said America loves a winner. He didn't say America loves a whiner. From what I can see 60 years passing hasn't changed that. Got a clue?

Posted by: M. Simon on July 4, 2003 01:47 PM

Dear M. Simon,

It's not this so called afirmative racsim that holds us back, just plain old racism. I've heard all those comments about how Blacks should be more like Jews years ago. They don't hold water because we are not Jews and do not have their history. Your comments walk a very thin line that borders on the anti-semitic. I'm sure Johnny Cochran does not call himself a Jew. If you knew more about Blacks in this country then you would know we have made contributions in every one of the fields who mentioned. Toni Morrison won a Nobel prize for a book that speaks about the richness of the Black experience in this country including the burdens of racism. Did you know that the doctor who first used transfusions in this country was a Black man? There are many more examples of how this country would not be as great, would not have become as powerful without the contributions of Black Americans. We have fought and died in every American war, always with the hope that our lives would be better after the war, that our sacrifice would mean something.
Blacks identify with Arabs? I'd like to see where you get that from. Tell that to the Black folk who have fought in the Gulf War and Iraq. Why should we as a people act like any other group or race? We have been a part of the American culture from day one, even if some would have you believe we've done nothing but whine. American history is our history. If we as a people demand our rightful place in the scheme of things, why are we seen as trouble makers?
I am old enough to have seen the water hoses turned full blast against us in Alabama, saw George Wallace standing in the door way, who can forget Bull Connor, do I have to name more. Oh let's not forget Strom. ( I wonder why his Black daughter wasn't in the front row of mourners. Got a clue?) I remember the march on Washington. I also remember those children who died when a church was bombed. I remember the deaths, the lynchings, the burnings, the hatred we have had thrown at us every step of the way. Yet we have survived and have made progress in spite of it all. I got plenty of clues what this country has meant for my people, American people. It's the 4th of July. I'm feeling the spirit. It's not just about the last 60 years. How about the last 300.
Science has mapped the human patttern of genes. They tell us the genes of all humans are 98 or 99 percent alike. Race is a very tiny difference when you think about that. Got any clues as to why it's such a big deal here and now?

Regards ........................ JOE

Posted by: Joewoofs on July 4, 2003 05:17 PM

Science has mapped the human patttern of genes. They tell us the genes of all humans are 98 or 99 percent alike. Race is a very tiny difference when you think about that.

That is absolutely 100% right on target, Joe. Amen.

Got any clues as to why it's such a big deal here and now?

Race baiters, as always -- but now more of them are on the left side of the spectrum than the right, and though you will deny it the most consistent offenders in the 21st century are not pale of skin.

Actual racist white people are so seldom seen anymore they're newsworthy much like finding a real live dinosaur would be. But people yawn about Sharpton and the McKinneys because they're a dime a dozen.

Posted by: McGehee on July 4, 2003 06:40 PM

"The way to solve the drugs/money problem is the same way we solved the alcohol/money problem."


This country ain't never solved SHIT. I hope to God Himself you're not referring to Prohibition. That didn't solve anything. It CREATED more problems than it ever solved-the "hallmark/signature" of our retarded 'leaders' way of solving problems TO THIS DAY.
If you're referring to decriminalizing some of these substances then, forgive me all to hell for being so quick to disagree and pass that thing, Bogey!
It's rather difficult to tell what you mean....
The concept of this country actually "solving" anything is where ya lost me, btw. Admit it, every time the stupid government gets involved in things, they get worse-not better.

Posted by: stevie on July 4, 2003 10:44 PM

I read an article recently about the difference between the educational and income levels between black Americans and black immigrants (Africans and Carribeans). It seems that, on average, black immigrants achieve higher in both categories than their American counterparts.

I mentioned these findings to the owner of the cleaners I frequent, who happens to be Jamaican. He said this: "That's because the [black] Americans care about things that don't matter. The only things that matter are how hard one works and how well one takes care of his family." Is this a truism or not? A 70% illegitimacy rate and a high incarceration rate of black American males make the case for the former.

Posted by: Juliette on July 5, 2003 04:26 PM

"Actual racist white people are so seldom seen anymore they're newsworthy much like finding a real live dinosaur would be. "
I'd like to know which planet you live on. You actually believe that statement don't you. Now that is scary and not funny. Can you say Trent Lott? He didn't fool anybody by going on BET. I see racist white people every time I'm followed or watched in some store. I can name other ways I feel racism but why bother. You've convinced yourself that race doesn't matter. It shouldn't, but it sure as hell does.

I'd like to know where this 70% illegitimacy number comes from. I do not believe it. I agree the rate of incarceration for Black American males is much too high. As with most other situations in life there is no quick simple answer. I will say that racism plays a central role in this sad story.

Would somebody please explain to me why Black pepole who keep the interest of their own people in the forefront of their thinking are always called racist? Or maybe I'm forgetting this is just another way to deflect the real truth.

Regards ...................... JOE

Posted by: Joewoofs on July 7, 2003 12:42 AM

I dont know what the fuck yall dumb ass white folks are talking about. Black people need more than you whites, we deserves it, the yall did us back in the day. Try that shit now, trying to slave or hang and all that other type of shit yall used to do. You whites are no better than blacks so get over it. And KKK my ass.

Posted by: Laketta on December 27, 2003 02:09 AM

your ignorant, the reason some blacks need help from OUR government is because the white people won't give them a chance. By you stating OUR heroes makes me wonder who are your heros,mmm....The KKK. did you know that the highest percent of people on welfare is whites? So techanecally white people are taking most of working Americans like yourself's money

Posted by: me on April 20, 2004 05:36 PM
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