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June 23, 2003

the peter principle

I had a really pathetic troll visit my site the other day and say nasty things about my daughter. He didn't bother me, because Stormcloud is as mean as the worst rattlesnake I ever saw and if the guy said his obscene crap to HER FACE, he would lose HIS FACE very quickly. And I don't mean his honor. I mean HIS FACE. Stormcloud would rip it off and feed it to her dog.

That's MY girl.

I did wonder about the kind of dysfunctional individual who does such things. What a fucked-up life he must have. I was going to write some kind of analysis about it, but I don't have to now. Stevie (and that's a female) did it for me:

Gee. Not only are there trolls, there are laughable ones as well. How pathetic are you, if you suck at being a troll? (Which Jean Poodlename does...)

She's right. How pathetic are you if you are willing to eat shit, but you can't be any good at it? How would you like to be one of the lower forms of life on the planet and discover that you were at the bottom of the totem pole THERE? OTHER lower forms of life laughed at you because you didn't measure up to THEIR low standards.

Man, that's got to hurt. No wonder poodle-boy is such a self-made asshole.


Your troll is so low on the totem pole of life that he isn't tall enough to see up a snot filled nostril when he's looking up.
That's bad, that means he's got tons of shit landing on his head all of the time. Means he's got a shit filled life.

Posted by: quark2 on June 23, 2003 06:00 PM

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