Gut Rumbles

April 11, 2004

going away present

Samantha and Stacey came over to visit me yesterday right here at the Crackerbox. I was hoping to arrange a visit from Quinton, too, but according the Jennifer, he is "afraid" of me now. I wonder how that happened.

The two young girls headed back to Texas today. I told them that if they dropped back by the house on the drive out of town (it's really not out of the way), I would give them a pistol to tote with them. It's a long way from here to Texas. I wouldn't make such a trip without packing SOMETHING with me. They showed up, and I gave them a pistol, with almost 100 rounds of ammo to go with it.

Samantha is frightened half to death by guns. Stacey is not. I showed them how to load it, unload it, how everything worked and how to handle it. I fired one round off my back porch so that the sound wouldn't frighten them. Samantha almost pissed her pants. I believe that Stacey liked it.

"Daddy, how do we get this back to Texas?" Samantha asked.

"We'll stick it under the front seat, that's how," Stacey replied.

I agreed. I also told them to NEVER tell a cop that you have a gun in the car if he asks. They're heading through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, so I don't believe that cops are going to ask that question anyway, but you never know.

I feel better knowing that they are armed. I told them just to point the damn thing up in the air and pull the trigger a couple of times if they got into trouble. The noise alone is enough to discourage most bandits and footpads. I don't know if Samantha is capable of doing that, but I believe that Stacey is not only capable; she can't wait for the opportunity.

That is an interesting pair.