Gut Rumbles

February 23, 2004


My man, the rivrdog asked for a link to this article, and he'll gladly get one from me. I have a real problem with political correctness and assholes running around trying to erase history are worse than fucking lawyers.

I've written many posts on my opinion about the Confederate flag. I do not see it as a symbol of hatred and racism. The fact that some pointy-headed, sheet-wearing pricks have USED the flag for that purpose does not change my opinion. The fact that the NAACP and race-pimps such as Jesse Jackson have used the flag for the same purpose STILL does not change my opinion.

It is a symbol of the Old South, and it should not be banned because a few loud-mouthed assholes don't understand that fact. It should be studied and put into historical context so that the generations we're raising today DO NOT make the same mistakes their elders did.

I feel the same way about a swastica. NOBODY should EVER forget what that symbol stood for and the millions of people who died because of the philosophy behind it. No, dammit. You teach your children about the Nazis so that they recognize such murderers if they ever try to take power again. As the Jews say, "NEVER FORGET."

Don't attempt to re-write history to spare delicate feelings about controversial matters. Dig into that crap with both hands and show your children just how corrupt, stinking and at the same time worthless, such symbols were.

Look at what those symbols have become today. The KKK is a joke in the South anymore and the NAACP looked like perfect fools with their posturing and whining about the flag. If that's the most important issue those two sides have to argue about today, we've come a long way in this country, boys and girls.

Look at the swastica. The only people who use that symbol anymore are those weird clones who are part KKK and part NAACP, the skinheads, mindless racists and pure anti-Semites. They don't have a fucking clue and they use the symbols to piss off the easily-offended. That tactic works, because we don't have teachers with balls in school anymore. We have wimps refusing to teach history, and they all should be dragged off and shot, just the way the KKK or the Nazis would have done years ago.

Don't FEAR such people. Let them have their pathetic symbols. Then, ridicule them. Insult them. Whip their fucked-up asses. Or just goddam ignore them, which is the best way to shut their yapping mouths.

Quinton knows about Hitler and he knows about Robert E. Lee. He understands the difference, too. You may see Quinton driving a pickup truck with a Confederate flag bumper sticker some day. But you'll never see him wearing a swastica armband. I've taught my boy better than that.

I don't believe in Political Correctness. I believe in the truth. That incompetent woman kicker at the University of Colorado never should have been on the team. When the coach said that she couldn't run, she couldn't tackle, she couldn't play and she couldn't kick, he lost his job. Having that blonde wearing #2 on the field was more important than her competence at playing football. And yes, the word "Nazi" has already been used against him.

That woman never should have been in a uniform on a college football field and anybody with a lick of sense knows that fact. Was she raped? Who knows? But you've got to know that she had no business being where she was. She never had the credentials. She was a symbol.

That symbolism shit can get a lot of people in trouble. That's why no one EVER should forget about the symbols and what they stood for. That's why NO ONE should ever accept different symbols to replace the old ones, just because we have a different idea about Political Correctness today. There is right and there is wrong. Then, there are symbols.

And if you can't tell the difference, you're as bad as any Nazi who ever lived.