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January 01, 2004

i must apologize

I insulted Swampwoman, and she let me have it in response. I cannot disagree.

Anybody that puts their well-being in the hands of anybody else, whether it be a person or a government, is taking a helluva risk bigger than any I take.

I resent gettin' lumped in that fearful category because I have some dang big ovaries. Yeah, I have guns, but I'd sooner whack people with an axe handle. If you gonna hurt somebody, might as well get some aerobic exercise out of it.

Posted by SwampWoman at December 31

Okay, I'm sorry. SOME wimmen out there still understand that you better learn to take care of YOURSELF in life. Government is not the answer. Government is one of the big problems.

Got-dam, Swampwoman! Where were you when I was looking looking around for someone like you?


Jonathan Livingston Seagull's corollary to Swampwoman's Law: If you depend on someone else to provide your happiness, you are CERTAIN to be disappointed. (paraphrased)

(I know. I know. The guy wrote Algore's biography. Doesn't mean EVERYTHING he wrote was wrong. Broken clock, etc.)

Posted by: Larry on January 1, 2004 08:31 AM

Where has SHE been? Where the fuck have you been, A-Man? My daughter is 16 and she already knows that she will NEVER have to depend on any man for emotional or financial support. She is smart, beautiful, secure, and independent. She has a job, has a car, has her own bank account, has her own friends besides her boyfriend, pays her own bills, and a good head on her own shoulders. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, so get your head out of the Dark Ages.

Posted by: BJK on January 1, 2004 10:01 AM

I've had an axe handle for years. Drove all the way to Tennessee for it for one reason only (okay two reasons...I wanted it autographed by the Big Man, himself,...Sheriff Pusser)...and it works beautifully. Even on bulls intent on 'getting' Eric. For the most part with people, just brandishing it gets the point across quite well.
Not that I'd hesitate for an instant to swing if I felt it necessary.....
The only person who's gonna 'save' anybody is the person in that persons mirror.
Anybody who doesn't know that, needs to be...nay BEGS to be...drug off and shot.

Posted by: Stevie on January 1, 2004 10:41 AM

MB didn't even dare comment on that dreadful post about "wimmen", as she was afraid of being banned for the language she felt like using. Thanks to Swampwoman for having said it like it is !!

Posted by: MommaBear on January 1, 2004 11:35 AM


Time out! All you wimmen bloggers just calm down for a minute.

I don't think Acidman meant ALL wimmen.

I used to say that the 22nd amendment needed to be repealed before the country completely collapsed, but then I heard about a "soccer mom" study that revealed that the so-called "gender gap" of women preferring democrats was too broad (no pun intended) to be meaningful.

It turns out that something like 90% of wimmen who vote for the braying herd of jackasses on the basis of security (nanny state) are single and politically ignorant.

While the vast majority of wimmen who vote conservatively are typically married, smart enough to have chosen a hard working husband/provider, but who also have some kind of career that allows them to spend a lot of time at home. For a good description of such a woman, read Proverbs 31. I refer to such wimmen as model P-31. I know, I married one.

Problem is P-31s are in the minority; maybe in a real small minority. It's hard for me to tell, because in the circles I travel in, they're more abundant. Maybe it's just a rural southern thing.

And another thing: I really don't expect any women who circulate in this part of the blogosphere to be tinfoil asshats. The type of wimmen Acidman is referring to don't even know what a blog is, or if they do, they won't leave the comfort of for fear that they might be struck by a thought.

Posted by: Commander Will on January 1, 2004 02:21 PM

Let's hear it for us P-31 women!

My neighbor was dependent upon the government. She received $1600 a month disability (mental and non-specific) plus $2500 from a trust fund. Guess who was often at my door toward the end of the month begging for "loose change"?

IMHO, the country fell down hard when welfare replaced loving thy neighbor. Welfare should not be a way of life, and I say this having come from a family where we often ate pinto beans 7 nights in a row because my stepfather explained that as long as his body could work we would not be on the dole.

I know a man, age 30, who works part-time at McDonalds and has turned down a management position because it's more enjoyable for him to work 20 hours a week and collect food stamps and other welfare benefits. Very sad.

Posted by: Renee on January 1, 2004 03:00 PM

Allow me to clarify (as soon as I get done giggling over that whistle effect...)
I was not pickin' on Pappy. I was just agreeing with Swampwoman about axe handles...then I remembered a few chicks I've known who're like the ones AcidDude was talkin' about and thought of the other ones who use men for money, or choose men for money or financial reasons. That's why I ended up with the 'beg to be drug off and shot' part.
"Tweeeet"...still lmao over that...

Posted by: Stevie on January 1, 2004 03:11 PM

Stevie, don't tell me you do not have a gun to go with your axe handle. The gun comes first, then the axe handle, to beat the dead assailant into pulpdom, then sold to dog food companies, or to Iran or health food stores as solient green. No trace camping. I carry a full double bit axe and a chain saw which I got free from the Sierra Club under the auspices of "cleaning up". They love me.

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on January 1, 2004 08:35 PM

Hey BJK!
Yeah, my daughter is just like yours, but don't pretend that there aren't a butt load of wimmin out there that look to the gov or better yet .... a Man to be their wallet totin' donkey!
Get Real!

Posted by: wes jackson on January 1, 2004 11:25 PM

Hell, there's a butt-load of men that are teaching their daughters that they need to depend on men. I have heard with my own ears fathers telling their daughters they need to go after so-and-so because he has a rich daddy (or is looking to inherit money when he turns 21).

Of course those are the same guys that talk about how women are just gold-diggers. These are also the men that don't have money to buy Christmas presents (or clothes or whatever) - but they can drink a 12 pack every night and never go without cigerettes).

Posted by: bogie on January 2, 2004 06:55 AM

Ga-ne-sha...I just better stick with my axe handle. Eric has shotguns and shit, yeah, but for one axe handle is ever so much more personal and if I had easy, ready access to firearms, I'd be locked up. The world would be minus several assholes, but I'd be in jail.
Believe me, I have more days than not that I'm amazed I haven't wound up on a tall, tall buliding with a sniper rifle.

And Bogie...I'm seriously wondering if those Dad's didn't tell their daughters that because that's what happen to THEM (the Dads) and they don't wanna be the only ones. You know...that whole 'shit runs downhill' thing?

Posted by: Stevie on January 2, 2004 01:16 PM

Stevie! My GAWD! I had to start leaving the concealed (more or less) weapon at home whenever I drive into the city because I am really, really tempted to use it.

OTOH, I've always thought that if a doc were to ever give me any news on the order of "I'm sorry, Miz SwampWoman, but you only have x days/weeks/months to live" I might be tempted to go on a hunting trip to leave the world a better place for my progency before I shuffle off into eternity.

But, dang, so many assholes, where to start? You got your list made, Stevie?

Posted by: SwampWoman on January 2, 2004 04:50 PM
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