Gut Rumbles

November 03, 2003

the plot is exposed

The Great God of the Religion of Peace found us out, Jawja bloggers. We should have expected to be caught.

What else do you expect from an all-powerful diety in charge of limitless sets of 72 virgins for his suicidal Jihadi? No one can hide from his all-seeing eye. When jews gather to plot, he KNOWS.

He finally got his ass off Blogspot, too.

Allah would update everyone's URLs with a wave of his magnificent hand to reflect the change, but he's feeling funny in the pants right now while watching the Olsen Twins on satanic American television. So, you have to perform that update yourself.

I recommend that you do.


Holy Cow...if a deity knew what was going on in Dahlonega, I'm going to Hell for SURE now...DANG!...but, least he noticed!...personally, I think he's pissed because we didn't invite him...besides, one drink of Dax's Red Headed Slut, and we'd had won Allah over to the dark-side for sure...

Posted by: Eric on November 3, 2003 06:56 PM
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