Gut Rumbles

November 02, 2003

people i saw at the blog-meet

I knew that this guy was going to come, but I didn't expect him tp bring some genuine North Georgia "brandy" with him. Goddam! That stuff tasted a lot like moonshine to me.

sisoflexx came and signed my souvenir tee-shirt "with love, to FLACIDMAN," damn her eyes.

My blog son arrived right on time, with his more-than-lovely wife, Donna, in tow. That sumbitch is bigger in person that he appears to be on his main page, and he looks BIG there. I am certainly glad that I didn't piss him off last night.

I met Kelley, who is just as vivacious and charming in person as she is on her blog. And YES, guys, those boobs are REAL! She painted her pretty toenails red for me, too, and wore sandals so that I could enjoy the view. I tried to seduce her last night, but she rejected my advances by hitting me in the head with an empty beer bottle. DO NOT piss that woman off.

adam was there, and I really believe that he could make a living as a television evangelist. He preached a sermon so impressive last night that we went to shouting "AMEN! and "TELL IT, BROTHER!" loudly enough that the proprieter of the cabins came to visit to tell us to simmer down. I'm not sure if it was Adam or the proprietor who hit me in the head with an empty liquor bottle, but I am certain that one of them did. I had one hell of a headache this morning.

Go to this guy's blog and ask him about "ball-slapping" noises. I DARE you. I learned a lot more than I EVER wanted to know about that subject last night. A large bottle of Scotch was involved. Maybe HE hit me in the head with that empty bottle.

I finally got to meet this guy and he was nothing like I expected him to be. The sumbitch looks younger than I do, and that fact chaps my Cracker ass. But he's just as ornery and talkative in person as he is on his blog. Thanks for coming, Denny. I enjoyed meeting you.

I would link to Kenny and our waitress (who is a student at North Georgia College and who happens to be doing research on blogs right now. Talk about coincidence! She may now know more about bloggers than she ever wanted to know), but I don't have the correct URLs at hand right now. That was one hell of a party.

I met someone there who kinda bitch-slapped me into reality, and I needed that. I thought about what she had to say last night, and I had this wild impulse on the way home today to rip my rear-view mirror off of my windshield and toss it out the window.

I dwell too much on the past. The FUTURE is in front of me and that's where I should be looking, not behind me, where I've already been. Thank you, Angie, for opening eyes that have been squeezed shut for a while. And start that blog right away. You've got all the beauty, brass and brilliance that you need. If you could hang with that wild bunch yesterday, your cast-iron ass is already proven. Everyone you met yesterday will give you any help that you require. As YOU told ME, don't belittle yourself. WRITE, girl. You've got it in you.

Y'all... we've got to do this again. But not tomorrow.

I have a headache.


Next weekend, then !

Posted by: siso on November 2, 2003 04:52 PM
See if this works my brother.

Posted by: ken on November 2, 2003 06:29 PM

Luckily, no headache here, but the toxins are slow to work their way out of my body.

Oh and hey, Rob, that tink to me isn't really a link to me.

Posted by: Adam on November 2, 2003 08:50 PM

It is now, Adam.

Posted by: Acidman on November 3, 2003 07:13 AM rebuttal to the infamous nut-spank incident is up on my site....does everyone else remember it that way too?...

Posted by: Eric on November 3, 2003 10:32 AM
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