Gut Rumbles

October 19, 2003

random ramblings

* I bought a laptop computer yesterday. It's got Wi-Fi and all kinds of bells and whistles. I'll probably never use the fucker. I just wanted one.

* Recondo 32's dad "passed" yesterday. He still came over and ate barbecued ribs with me. He is headed off to Clinton, South Carolina for the funeral as soon as he wakes up on my couch this morning.

* I watched a movie tonight where some wise woman explained The True Meaning Of Life life by saying, "Everything happens for a reason." I think that's the biggest load of bullshit I ever heard in my life. Goddam. Life has NO REASON to it.

* If I had my life to live over again, I would study a subject I totally despised in college. You know, Accounting or Biology or Economics. Learning to do something that I hate to do would have taught me how to eat shit every day with a smile on my face and I've never been able to do that.

* I have never seen a more beautiful sight than a nekkid woman who bends over to pick something up off the floor.

* I like pretty red toenails, but I'll admit that I believe HER EYES are the most attractive part of a woman's body. Nice tits come in a close second, but I still adore a woman with interesting eyes.

* I believe that puberty hit ME harder than it did most other teenagers.

* I want to write a novel about a blogger who meets the love of his life on the internet. I would like to live that story, too.

* I want to see the Grand Canyon.

Okay, that's it for now.


What happened to you being an ass man?

Bring the laptop with you when you visit.

Posted by: Da Goddess on October 19, 2003 05:18 AM


If you do go to the Grand Canyon, take a trip to the bottom, either by foot or mule. You won't regret it.

I first went there in '82 for a geology field trip. We were taught the geologic history of the rocks before we got there. Then we walked the Bright Angel Trail down to the Colorado River.

Man! It was like that old movie I saw as a kid where three boys found themselves going back in time to see dinosaurs, Paleozoic swamps, and that distant era before life emerged on land. Hiking the Grand Canyon is the closest thing to having a time machine you'll ever get.

We hiked back up that same day and reached the rim about 11:00 PM. I'd never been so fucking tired in my life--but it was an adventure I'll alway treasure.

I went there again in '97 with the wife and kids. The kids were bored and just wanted to get ice cream. My wife and I stared from the rim into the canyon's immensity for about 20 minutes, got the kids and left. Our vacation didn't allow time to go down into the canyon.

I've heard that 20 minutes is about the average time people spend seeing the canyon. Just like Clark Griswald in National Lamppon's Vacation, they quickly nod a grudging appreciation to its beauty then hop off to there next destination--Vegas or Wally World.

So, if you go, plan on several days, learn the geology, and go down into it. It's a humbling, transcendant experience you won't get just by seeing it from the rim.

Posted by: schaffman on October 19, 2003 07:35 AM

I want to ride a burro all the way to the bottom and back up again. I'd really like to camp there, just to say that I once did that.

Posted by: Acidman on October 19, 2003 08:11 AM

I like the blogger story. Can I be that? Er, I mean, maybe you can base it loosely on me, only nake up events better than anything that'll really happen. ;>

Posted by: Jay Solo on October 19, 2003 09:55 AM

I once visited the Grand Canyon and took a single engine plane ride above its vastness and grandeur.

It was the most terrifying---breath-taking-exhilirating experience of my life...One I would never repeat again. After I realized if the engine failed--there would be no place to land without being pulverized into a zillion pieces.

The best part was seeing my ex- who was 6'3
230 lbs. helplessly barfing into a white barf bag. hehehe I loved it!!

The Grand Canyon is magnificent---with 2 feet on the ground. You should also go and see the Painted Desert (Arizona)---another beautiful experience--just as the sun is going down--it is truly surreal.

Posted by: Zbabe on October 19, 2003 09:57 AM

Sounds like you need to go to Vegas.

There's a nice seat at the Rio adjacent to one of the bars where you can watch women bend over to pick things up. Not naked, but you've got a healthy enough imagination.

Lots of women with red toenails running around. They all have eyes (well most of them, anyway)

'Life has NO REASON to it' Sounds like you're ready for a trip to the craps tables, or to at least play some slots

Lots of the hotles have WiFi, so you can blog about the adventure

-And- The Grand Canyon is close by, Hoover Dam too (which is an interesting and awe inspiring sight in and of itself).

Yeah, this post says 'Acidman needs a trip to Vegas'

Posted by: Wind Rider on October 19, 2003 11:08 AM

WR, I am an avid student of Blackjack and I think Vegas is a great idea.

Posted by: Acidman on October 19, 2003 11:10 AM

Perhaps you already have met the love of your life over the net. You seem to have thousands to choose from. I like your order of preference on physical qualities of a woman.#1-Eyes-They are the window to her soul and I've always been told that mine are my best asset. #2- Tits- Those too, I have been told are mighty fine ,Nipples to die for.You should add a #3- Heart- Compassion and empathy.Perhaps if you added to the phrase"Everything happens for a reason" because #there are no accidents# it would not be a bull shit thought. I agree there is no reason in this world. The only reason is my affirmations that someday it will be my turn and I damm well deserve it as well as yourself. I married an asshole too but wouldn't have my two boys if I hadn't.I just wish I had the forsight to raise them on my own. They wouldn't be so screwed. That's the damm "no reason " in this world that I am speaking about.

Posted by: Rapunzel on October 19, 2003 12:45 PM

"random ramblings"

Shouldn't that be Random "RUMBLINGS"???
After all this is Gut "rumbles" not "rambles"...

Don't mind me...I'm in an annoying mood, probably because I've been ANNOYED today!!!!

Posted by: Lisa on October 19, 2003 04:10 PM

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