Gut Rumbles

September 22, 2003

Miserable Monday

I never should have blogged about feeling a touch of fall in the air. Today was as hot and muggy as any day in August. I was cursed at work with one MAJOR problem, quickly followed by the Death of 1,000 Tiny Cuts. One a scale of one to ten, this was an 8.7 fucked-up day.

The A-line micronizer baghouses are about six stories off the ground and that is where my MAJOR problem was. I don't remember how many times I climbed those stairs today, with sweat pouring off me and running down the lenses of my safety glasses, but after the last time, I swore that if I had to do it again, I was going hop over the handrail on the roof and do a swan-dive onto the pavement below. My legs are tired from all those trips up and down the stairs.

Of course, days like this one are what keep my 51 year-old backside looking a lot younger than it is. My legs aren't bad, either.

But DAMN if those stairs don't get steeper every year.


What is it that you do for work? I've been trying to piece it together from what you talk about, but I don't seem to have a grasp for what, exactly, it is. I'd be happy to dig through your archives if you've already discussed this, if you could just give me a hint as to when that may have been. Thanks! I'm just really curious.

Posted by: amy vegas on September 22, 2003 04:09 PM

He bathes in chemicals, breathes in dust,, and farts it back out, all while keeping the younger dudes and clueless managers in line. You could say his job is very colorful at times.

Posted by: Jay Solo on September 22, 2003 04:23 PM oughta check out the archives in your spare time, anyway. They are sooo worth reading. It's kinda cool to start at day one and watch (read) as Rob finds his voice, rythym and his way back. You can see it happening. Best way I can describe it is like one of those Disney shorts of a closed bud blooming, then the camera pulls back from one flower and there's an entire field of 'em.

Posted by: Stevie on September 22, 2003 04:46 PM

Yeah Amy, go check out the archives just for $hits and grins. I was laughing hysterically about his story about the squirrels in his yard in one of his March 2002 posts! There is some good reading in those archives.

Posted by: Alaska Kim on September 22, 2003 05:34 PM

Thanks y'all! I will surely go back and read his archives one of these days. I can't get enough of his writing. And Stevie, what a wonderful description! Thanks again.

Posted by: amy vegas on September 23, 2003 08:49 AM

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