Gut Rumbles

August 28, 2003

break my heart again

See? I TOLD YOU it was dangerous out here.

Acidman is being an acid asshole.

I know that this man thrives on being a total frigging jerk, but he decided that Melissa was worthy of trampling because she was sending his cancer riddled mother good wishes. And then after Jer, Melissa's lovie, asked him in a very polite email to please remove her link so that the nasty people can't get to her site to make nasty comments, Acidman posts the letter and rips on Jer, saying he has no balls.

Kiss her sweet wounded ass and tell her that you'll make everything better. She NEEDS a nutless wonder like you. If she put you up to this, she IS a skank and you need to run like hell while you can. If she DIDN'T put you up to this, you need some Fatherly Advice: Goddam, you child. She doesn't have the only pussy in the world. Go find another one before it's too late!!!!

Acidman shouldn't be calling anyone a nutless wonder when his (small I assume) Jimmy was ripping open just recently. His is the one who has no balls because he is a feeble old man that can only feel like a man if he rips on people who are just being nice to him. He does it, especially does it to women. He obviously has issues with women and according to him can't keep a women, because he has been married twice I believe.

He is a pig. I don't like men or people in general that have no spine and only know how to rip people apart to make themselves look better. He deserves everything he gets in life, because he is nothing. And he obviously doesn't feel like a man unless he has someone to tear down.

I assume that if he were to see this post he would bring his rage on me. But he can't touch me, he can't hurt me, I won't let him. I don't like that he is hurting my friends. He is a bully and I hope that one day there is a bigger bully that pushes him down and makes him cry.

Acidman is no different than those men who shot and stabbed my cousin a few days ago. He hurts people for fun and doesn't care that it hurts.

And to update you on my cousin he won't be getting out of the hospital today. I don't know where he got that idea. He still has that tube in his chest to drain out all the blood that is collecting in his chest.

So if you like go over and tell Acidman what an asshole he is being, not that he doesn't know he is one.

Mel has all ready taken her site off line because of all these Acidman wannabees hitting her site with nasty comments. Be outraged. I am. Misogynists sucks.

Lets see... I'm supposed to shut down my blog and cry, cry, cry. Right? I WAS ATTACKED ON THE INTERNET!!! AGAIN!!! Sob! Weep! Crawl off and assume a fetal position.

Piss on you delicate flowers. That woman insulted MY DICK and I don't give a shit. She's probably never had a good one in her life and wouldn't know what to do with one if she did. I'm supposed to CARE what that dingbat thinks of me? Well... I don't.

My aching ass.

I am "no different than the people who robbed and stabbed" that moonbat's cousin? I call that quite a stretch, darlin. You are NOT real bright, are you?

Some candy-assed blogger stealing pictures from other sites gets insulted ONE TIME and turns to jello. She had to quit blogging and assume a fetal position in the bedroom closet. I have NO sympathy for her or her nutless lover. Life is rough, then you die. That's just the way it is. YOU were INSULTED?

I get shit like that every fucking day. II blog and I still piss off my back porch in the mornings. I just wish that some of the people who write about me were in my back yard. I would piss right in their eyes.

But they prefer to insult me from a distance like the cowards they are. There are a lot of sheep out there that fear a wolf like me.

I growl. If you can't handle that fact, fuck you.

It takes a lot more than an insult to shut ME down.

And if an insult does that to YOU, you are a true PUSSY. You NEED to get off your lame blog and go back to to your job, asking people if they want fries with that. Bejus! Gag me with a spoon. Who the hell gets engaged to a guy named "Jer" anyway? Goddam. He sounds like a Pokiman card.

But he and his delicate flower are both in the closet, curled in a fetal position right now, whining and crying. That's where they need to stay.

If anything I've written pisses you off, well... just kiss my Cracker ass.


What I find interesting about this entire contre-temps is the claim that the poor dears were cracked on for sending their condolences about your Mama--whose pain, I hope, is being alleviated.

As far as I could tell, before they blocked their blogs and ran, they were bragging about using other people's images without permission on their websites, and that was the subject of criticism.

The people who are saying this probably went to college, too, and think they're smart. That is why I am given to saying that this was a greater country when half of us didn't finish high school. We were more productive, and most of us didn't have an inflated notion of our intelligence and a deflated notion of our ignorance.

Posted by: Brett on August 28, 2003 11:21 PM

This is the most drama I've seen since Beerfart threatened to close down her Blog last month.

Posted by: Gordon the All Knowing and Self Actualized on August 29, 2003 12:18 AM

Where's the love?

Posted by: Aaron on August 29, 2003 01:19 AM

The 403 Access Forbidden page probably means they simply took down their blogs. If there's no index page, you get that 403 error on Apache servers unless they're configured to allow directory indexing.

Posted by: lurker on August 29, 2003 02:24 AM

the next time you write a really 'rude and crude' blog entry, turn off the comments.
I am willing to be you won't get near as many emails as you would've comments on it.
Without the public forum, the trolls have no purpose, no meaning.
A public display. A showcase for their egos and their amazing command of the English language.
When they actually have to take the time to compose a private email, that only YOU will see (unless you decide to fisk the email in your blog..not that you've done that *cough*).
Without comments in my own blog scripts, I don't miss the trolls. The people that have taken the time to click on the 'contact form' (which then emails directly to me) to write me about an entry have been intelligent and a worthwhile email correspondence takes place.
the form does let them know that if they do decide to use it to flame me, I will deal with it in a manner I see fit.
It's a great way to weed out the "Blog Hopkins."

Posted by: Greg on August 29, 2003 04:21 AM

Amazing, the woman does have nice tits, but the tattoo's are kind of ugly. It appears she does like fucking so maybe you two can get together. Hell I would buy the video.

Posted by: oldandevil on August 29, 2003 06:05 AM

While reading this entry, all I could think was "Are we in 7th grade?" That is how it is written: like a not passed in class.

I would rather read Acidman any day. I may not agree with some of his points, but at least it is always a good read.

Posted by: drc on August 29, 2003 06:21 AM

Fallacies 101:

The "you're immature" trope is an example of the argumentum ad hominem.

Posted by: Brett on August 29, 2003 07:29 AM

Yeah, like Acidman here is going to turn off the comments to a blog post. I don't see it happening. Just storm forward and if you happen to step in some blogshit, scrape it off yer boot.

Posted by: Graumagus on August 29, 2003 10:25 AM

How Is Acidaman responsable for what other people say? Just because they got the link from him? Well then lets back track, hum I found his sight from another blog, and that one that linked to his from yet another blog, and that one from a very dear friend! Oh I think if I say anything bad it must be all by friends fault because the started the link train! Give me a freaking break!

Posted by: Jennifer on August 29, 2003 10:50 AM

Damn Acidman! You ARE an asshole! That must be why I visit here so often. Keep it up. The day you quit growling is the day I quit reading.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on August 29, 2003 11:25 AM

Rock on A-dawg , bitch better learn !

Posted by: Action Mike on August 29, 2003 11:34 AM

I get the feeling Acidman's cheering section is as demented as he is.

What kind of loonie weenies cheer a rage-aholic nincompoop spewing retarded, infantile taunts at his critics rather than take the time to construct cogent arguments.

This is childish stuff, unworthy of our time.
Except as self-selecting reinforcement of
delusional attitudes typical of the immature potty talkers it has no justification what so ever.

Hopkins was right when he said giving a man a modem does not make him a worthy observer of anything.

A loser is a loser, and my guess is only losers spend much time here before moving on.

I can't remember who recommended this site, but whom ever it was, must be a loser.

Posted by: Randi on August 29, 2003 11:59 AM

This is childish stuff, unworthy of our time.

Oh the irony of that statement! (I gather you'll not be posting or lurking here any longer. I'm sure that will just break Acidman's heart.)

Would you rather Acidman vent his anger in ways?

Oh, and, question: where in your above post, Randi, did you construct a cogent argument? I see a few ad hominems in there, however.

Posted by: Juliette on August 29, 2003 01:22 PM

Graumagus, I don't expect The A-Man to turn off his comments. I was just pointing out that without the comments section, The Blog Hopkins' and Randi's have no reason to spew their drivel...nobody can see their "work" and they have no way of receiving the attention they are so obviously are trying to get for themselves.

Posted by: Greg on August 29, 2003 01:50 PM

hey Randi , don't knock bein a loser till ya tried it . I find it to be a very rewarding thing to be . But than again Im a loser ..what do I know ! But than again you might say avid bloggers are winners and losers at the same time .

Posted by: Action Mike on August 29, 2003 07:04 PM

"I get the feeling Acidman's cheering section is as demented as he is."
So--why are YOU here, Randi? In a professional capacity perhaps? Psychologist or literary critic, maybe.......?
More likely just another whiny little boy who's been raised on a diet of perceived victimhood, searching desperately for something to be offended by.
Piss off and get some counselling and come back when you can handle a little adult rhetoric.

Posted by: Keith on August 30, 2003 04:55 PM

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