Gut Rumbles

August 15, 2003

heh, heh

I link this one for all the animal lovers out there. I love animals, too.

Especially when they taste good when they're done.


Well A-Man, I just don't know what to left me speechless with that story.

Posted by: Laura on August 15, 2003 10:43 PM

Okay, I just found that one sick,lol. We have 4 chickens and a rooster that do diddley squat ( one or two eggs a week ) but still can't find it in me to get rid of them, mever mind eat them! Uhgg even if one did died!

Posted by: Jennifer on August 16, 2003 12:37 AM

I just can't see eating a pet... even though I do think rabbits are delicious.
It's silly I know. Because of the way that we anthropomorphize our pets, it makes it seem like cannibalism to eat them. It's really just a bunny, but I don't think I could do it.
Unless, of course, there was nothing else to eat and I was starving. Then I wouldn't be waiting around for it to die of natural causes...

Posted by: asm on August 16, 2003 05:42 AM

We had chickens, ducks too when I was a kid. They were delicious.

Posted by: mog on August 16, 2003 10:38 PM

He ate da wabbit?

Posted by: donawana on August 19, 2003 07:24 AM
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