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August 14, 2003

"hits" vs "visitors"

I've noticed something that seems to be unique to my blog. My "page views," or "hits" run damn near double what my "unique visitors" are. I've searched a lot of bloggers with open counters and I really don't see such a discrepancy anywhere else. Go hit my Site Meter and check it for yourself.

I wonder why most bloggers with open site meters run damn near one-to-one on hits vs visits. I have a theory.

I am a very predictable blogger. I don't blog at work, but I blog like hell from around 5:00 to 9:00 in the evenings. I am good for a new post about every fifteen minutes when I'm on a roll. I believe that my regular readers refresh my page a lot during those hours to see if anything new is there. Usually, they are rewarded with something new. It might not be any GOOD, but at least it's new.

Therefore, I have almost twice the "hits" than "visitors" on my blog. I believe that it's all a part of my schedule. The show is open from 5:00 until 9:00, except on weekends, when I may be blogging any time. But most readers stick with the schedule. They refresh a lot.

I get a lot of page views from the same people.


" I am good for a new post about every fifteen minutes when I'm on a roll. I believe that my regular readers refresh my page a lot "

I also sit here a lot between 5-9 and keep "Get Rumbles" open in a window alone and refresh about every 1/2 hr.

Posted by: gmorin on August 14, 2003 06:22 PM

Yep, that's exactly it; we know when to check in for both the weekday and the weekend schedule, so we do!

Posted by: MommaBear on August 14, 2003 06:41 PM

damn straight! I consider your blog "a party at Acidman's every night". I refresh at least 5-6 times a night when I'm online.

You predictable? yeah right. But you are consistent and prolific...not to mention entertaining.

You didn't want me to stop doing that did you?

Posted by: Marcl on August 14, 2003 06:49 PM

I may wander down the street a bit, but I always swing by to see what's new at your blog during the evening. Please don't ever close your curtains, your "room" is a real treat. I get a charge out of reading the comments too.
I admire what you do, you throw out a topic and let the faithful comment on it all night long, while you are busy thinking up something new or doing something else.

Posted by: Laura on August 14, 2003 07:03 PM

That sounds about right. I'll return repeatedly in the evening and during the weekend, but not bother most of the time during weekdays, though I may check in the morning in case you got up early and posted something, or if I stopped checking early the night before.

Posted by: Jay Solo on August 14, 2003 09:02 PM

Yeah, what Jay said. I like your schedule.

Posted by: Bob on August 14, 2003 09:24 PM

As a new visitor here, I thank you for the info. I will have to check in later in the evening to join the party. Hopefully, I am getting broadband at home.

Posted by: Survivor Type on August 15, 2003 08:32 AM

Some people hit a site more than once because they have left comments and get into a debate, and they want to see who has commented in response to their comments.

Posted by: sugarmama on August 15, 2003 08:57 AM

Also, a counter will click a visit once and all the times that someone has clicked your links and come back as 'x' number of page views.

Example: Today, I came to your site. That counts as one visit.

Going through your posts, I clicked about 2-3 links and came back. Those would count as 2-3 pageviews although my main visit is only counted once.

Posted by: serenity on August 15, 2003 12:29 PM

My Hits are about twice my Unique Visits. I got to thinking about that the other day as well and I came to the conclusion its a good thing. It means that the people that view your page find it worth exploring and returning to.

Posted by: Doc on August 15, 2003 01:20 PM

Me too Doc. I love it that people want to come and see what's up at Right We Are more than once a day!

Posted by: Maripat on August 16, 2003 12:27 AM
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