Gut Rumbles

July 29, 2003


Grace writes:

He picked YOU GUYS to write his blog while he was gone?
I don't think he intended for you to turn it into a high school circus clique.
How disappointing.

Stevie writes:
I agree with Grace. One of the biggest reasons I switched to Earthlink and got back online as quickly as I could, was to come here. It was bad enough I got here in time to only wave goodbye as Acidman goes away til Friday, but this is ridiculous. Between this, Lobowalk's disabled comments, and a few other disappointing changes to other blogs, I'm beginning to wonder....
Guess I'll just go do other things again, for a while longer, til Rob gets back.
This is usually a great blog, with excellent writing.
It isn't now.

Velociman writes:
I couldn't agree with you more. Now go piss up a fucking rope. Both of you. And get a new handle while you're at it. I just banned your IP's.

Posted by indignant guestblogger Kim


Now I'm glad I didn't have a guest blogger while I was gone.

Posted by: Geoffrey on July 29, 2003 05:34 PM

I'll put in my two cents, take it for what's it worth, but I've been enjoying the guest blogers and think they've been following the spirit of this blog:
"If my blog does not meet your standards, then LOWER YOUR STANDARDS or go away. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?"
Keep it up guys, Rob will love it!

Posted by: Diane K on July 29, 2003 06:06 PM

Jey, I think you guys have been doing a fine job! Especially those Roscoe updates.

Posted by: Jay Solo on July 29, 2003 06:11 PM

That would be "Hey" of course. Sheesh. Silly fingers.

Posted by: Jay Solo on July 29, 2003 06:12 PM

It's a good thing I like my Harley boots so much-I find it much easier to handle the TASTE of them when I stick them in my mouth, with my foot inside, of course.

I don't blame you guys for gettin pissed at that comment I made. I just re-read it myself and can't believe the way I put that....Just Dumb.

I wasn't trying to insult the individual writers here-as a matter of fact, I've got some of you blogrolled and I love the way you write...BUT-

Every writer has his own voice, style...way of writing. When I go to your places, I go there kinda knowing what to expect. Not specifically, just the general tone or style that you have. Rob has his own too. Whether he's upset, pissed or silly, I've come to know his rythym. And, it's all disjointed right now. Well, his is absent, but what's here is a bit jarring. Nobody has the same style as each other or Rob...which is good. That's what make blogs so great. But, this is kinda like picking up a book that has Stephen King's name on the cover and finding out he had 47 different people write it-one for each chapter. I think it would be hard to stay into, adjusting to a new style every chapter. So is this. Plus, I let my emotions get in the way of my communicating, too. Picture it-I'm offline for 11 or so days, dying to get back and catch up with everybody...I get that done, come here....and get to watch Acidman's dust trail as it settles. EEERRRGGG. Then, I start to read what's here and I can't even tell who is who. Some posts says "Posted by guestblogger..." and some say "Posted by Acidman". I don't know what's real. So, I get even more EEERRRGGG and shoot my (XL) mouth off without thinking about what was really buggin' me. Just Dumb.

So, Velociman, Kim, Goddess, Shell and anyone else who is posting here (or at least those who were posting before I stuck my foot in my mouth and then my whole head up my ass)......

I am truly sorry for how that came across. I did not mean to impugn anyone's integrity or writing ability. You all really are good writers and I enjoy reading you. Please forgive my indiscriminate running-off-at-the-mouth.

I am sorry.

Posted by: Stevie on July 29, 2003 06:53 PM

I just looked at my last post and some of the line are messed up. If it shows that way for everyone, please let me know so I can apologize and explain what i really meant again....sigh.

Posted by: Stevie on July 29, 2003 06:57 PM

I miss Rob but you guys are hilarious.

Posted by: Rey on July 29, 2003 06:58 PM

So far it's been great fun !!

Posted by: MommaBear on July 29, 2003 07:05 PM

I know I've crashed this party...but I have to admits it's been great so far.

Posted by: Laura on July 29, 2003 07:15 PM

Hi Velociman-Got your comment...Thanks for clearing that up about the lines in these comments. I thought it was this old computer of mine.
And, thanks most of all for lettin' me offa da hook. Ah, to breathe actually TASTE the cigarette I'm to unknot my
For the record-it was a well-desreved smack on the back of the head.....That's what I get for not being clear....(takes a huge, cleansing breath...)

My bad.

Before I say anything ELSE stupid....I'm gonna go jump in the bosses pool.

Posted by: Stevie on July 29, 2003 07:27 PM

Stevie, no prob. You fine. Just remember: Anything over three lines here starts to look like an Outer Limits episode picked up on rabbit ears out of Augusta. Remind me to spank Rosoie over that.

Posted by: Velociman on July 29, 2003 07:56 PM

And that would be ROSCOE. Who's the genius who's going to introduce correctible coments?

Posted by: Velociman on July 29, 2003 07:57 PM

If you try to spank ol' Roscoe, he'll piss all over ya, ya hear?

Posted by: Denny Wilson on July 29, 2003 08:00 PM

What was that about Augusta???

Posted by: Laura on July 29, 2003 08:19 PM

There's always the archives, Stevie. I mean that seriously, no offense taken. I miss the hell out of Rob's posts too. He'll be back Friday.

Posted by: shell on July 29, 2003 10:32 PM

And we're just doing what Rob told us to do. Here are his exact instructions " I want you and Kim Crawford to challenge Shell and Da Goddess for the title of "I KEPT THIS BLOG TASTELESS!" while I am gone."

Kim and I are doing our part. What's up with the wimmens?

Posted by: Denny Wilson on July 29, 2003 10:49 PM

I ain't complaining. I'm enjoying myself.

I'm enjoying the guest bloggers, too...

Posted by: Mamamontezz on July 30, 2003 12:38 AM

Not THAT was fucking funny.

Posted by: sama on July 30, 2003 08:40 AM

Now THAT was fucking funny.

Posted by: sama on July 30, 2003 08:40 AM

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