Gut Rumbles

June 27, 2003

all done

I just went though all 287 comments in my email. I answered those who needed one and I just let some stand the way they were. If I didn't reply to you, don't take it personally. I was in a hurry.

I found two really disgusting trolls in there. What motivates those people to be such fucktards? I'll never understand why those people get their jollies by being such total pricks. What REALLY amazes me is the fact that SO MANY of them exist. I guess that they are like cockroaches. Set off a nuclear bomb and they'll still be alive and running on six legs under your refrigerator when you turn on the kitchen light. They are people who sit on a mound of shit and chuckle about being "King of the Hill."

My son brought a gaggle of gigglers over to the Crackerbox this evening, and I fed them all after they got permission from their parents to eat Acidman cuisine (cheeseburgers and freedom fries, with milk). Now my son has run off with friends to terrorize THEIR parents.

I haven't seen Young Jack this evening, which may be a good thing. Quinton made new friends because he didn't have Jack to play with. I bought this house I live in because of the kids I saw in the neighborhood when the realtor showed it to me. I thought, "Quinton will make friends here and have boys and girls to play with."

He found Jack and Steven and pretty well told the rest of the kids to get lost. He had all the playmates he needed.

His attitude changed this evening. I believe that he will be a lot better off as a result.



Posted by: Marcl on June 27, 2003 10:42 PM

I know there are fathers who love their kids but it is so refreshing to read about it.

You give fathers a great name Acidman. You may come across crass, (which is pretty much why I like your blog), but you have a soft spot.

I've had two fathers and neither one seemed to give a flying fuck about their kids or to consider them while looking for a house. That shit is so damn cool---thank you for restoring my belief in men being fathers.

I'm being a pussy and not posting my name/email address cause some things I just don't want to admit to the blogosphere....I don't have the nads to put my name to it.

Just know that the more you write about your love for Quinton, the more I respect you.

I'll sign this only as:

~one of those wimmin

Posted by: anonymous on June 28, 2003 03:24 AM

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