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June 22, 2003

tolerance, diversity, yadda, yadda

Why does this story NOT suprise me? We've become so indoctrinated to "tolerance" that we can't tolerate a goddam thing that might be offensive to some overly-sensitive whinebag.

People, listen up. The Founding Fathers gave us the First Amendment to PREVENT the mob from silencing dissident voices. You have the RIGHT to offend people; the mob DOES NOT have the right to shut you up because they don't like your "intolerant" viewpoints.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate for toothless, illiterate red-necks who wear sheets and masks over their heads (don't forget Estill, over there--- he is a bedwetter, so all he owns to wear to the meetings is a rubber sheet.) It's also a symbol of hate to the NAACP, which has way too much idle time on its hands anymore.

The guy had a Confederate flag. So, what?

If that flag offends you, get over it, asshole. The Supreme Court ruled that burning the AMERICAN FLAG is a right of free speech. That offends the hell out of me, but in this country, it's a brain-dead idiot's right to show his ass by burning the flag, and I respect that right while I hold the person doing it in total contempt.

That's how "freedom" works.

Stupid people say stupid things that piss me off every day. Stupid people DO stupid things that piss me off every day. I bitch about it, I rant about it and I blog about it.

But when the power of government or politically-correct do-gooders attempt to shut those people up or make them stop being stupid (for their own good), I suddenly find myself ON THE SIDE OF THE STUPID. Got-damn! Freedom ain't free, people! You pay for it by putting up with shit you don't like sometimes.

Otherwise, you get THX 1138 or 1984.

I don't want to live that way.


When I was in high school (yes-they had high schools back then), all the Ag guys had pickups with Confederate flags on them...only they were referred to as "Rebel flags". The Ag guys didn't hate black people, they hated potheads. Being a (pothead) Ag chick, I adopted that flag because of the Rebel connotations. I also was beginning to see how our government was pissing all over the American flag in many ways-NOT THE LEAST of which was by their treatment of Viet Nam Vets. So, I DO respect a flag-it's just the "other" one. Next in line is the POW-MIA flag. I've bought and flown more of those two flags over the years than American flags that were displayed starting on 9/12.
I don't go out of my way to DISrespect the American flag, I just don't support the way our government treats people (NAM VETS) and does things (lying, cheating, stealing, denying and getting rich from it) so I choose not to have American flags everywhere. I honestly do thank our Vets verbally, when I meet them. Or apologize-if they're Nam Vets. I don't feel a need to display an American flag to get that message across.
One question: Where were all these "patriotic Americans" and these American flags prior to 9/11? They were trotted out on July 4th and Memorial Day then shoved back into mothballs. I've been proudly displaying both my State of Georgia flag and my POW flags every single day since the day I bought them, lo those many years ago.
Then, when Georgia had that flap about the State flag AND CHANGED IT, I was even prouder of the one I have. What the HELL was that for? Did changing the flag change history? NO. Did it help anybody? NO. Did it make a group of people look paranoid and racist to want it changed? YES! What about the Southerner's who family members DIED in the Civil War? Screw them, I guess, is what those flag-changers felt. Which is just fine, as long as it isn't them getting "screwed"
by having to LOOK at it.
If these Politically Correct Asswits want to get rid of symbols of hate, why don't they just abolish the colors blue and red? Those are supposed to be the "colors" of those stupid street gangs who hate EVERYBODY. Or, maybe, they could make everyone cut off their middle fingers-can't have people expressing THAT, now can we? Jesus.
If that had been white administartors ripping the Malcolm X hat off of a black kid.....God. I can't even begin to imagine what all would have taken place by now. But, I promise you, it WOULD NOT have ended that day.
Freedom of speech is SUPPOSED to be for everybody. But, it isn't.

Posted by: stevie on June 22, 2003 12:32 PM
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