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April 28, 2003

That really is me


I posted this one just in case you didn't see the pictures on my daughter's page (since the traffic that came her way made her INCAPABLE of just enjoying the attention, she got busy improving things and screwed her entire page up.)

Women. She'll revive the page with lots of flowers on it.

Anyway, there is a picture of me with my first wife. Circa 1984, according to Sam, although I really cannot testify to the accuracy of the date. It looks like around 1979 to me, when I was still playing guitar for a living. Do I LOOK like someone who's been working in a chemical plant for almost five years in that picture?

No... I look like someone who has been INGESTING chemicals for about five years.

Who knows? But that's ME, a long, long time ago.


You're a lot shorter than I imagined. Or was the pic taken at the funhouse?

Posted by: Larry on April 28, 2003 09:56 PM


Posted by: JIM T. on April 28, 2003 10:17 PM

In that picture you look a lot like a guy I used to work with, named Mike Campbell, not to be confused with the Canadian blogging version. It's kind of eerie.

We called him F O C most of the time; "fuck off, Campbell." One of my current business partners gave him that, when he was a new hire in training and would make pesky points.

Posted by: Jay Solo on April 28, 2003 10:28 PM

Good Grief, I have AT LEAST 60 hits just from your site today. I didn't know so many people wanted to see you. Now I want to post more pics, but I promised you I wouldnt. Mama said that picture was taken in 1984. I don't know though. It does look 70ish to me. I have one of you sitting on the pot back when we lived on Oleander. Ha Ha, mama likes to snap pictures when people are least expecting it, but don't worry. I wouldn't dare post that.

Posted by: Sam on April 28, 2003 10:49 PM

love that Mickey Mouse touch...guess that was back when you were a kinder, gentler Acidman.

Posted by: Marc on April 28, 2003 11:26 PM

A-Man is sitting...the gal is standing...guess he couldn't balance up on his feet. :-)

Posted by: MommaBear on April 29, 2003 10:13 AM


The glasses... the shirt.... the hair ....

you're a brave man for posting that photo.

Posted by: sugarmama on April 29, 2003 11:20 AM

Damn... the BC does look like Pam Tillis.

You, on the other hand, look like a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie.

Posted by: Kim du Toit on April 29, 2003 01:53 PM

This is the first x-wife, the BC was the second. I think this one is much prettier, she looks like me. :)

Posted by: Sam on April 29, 2003 04:16 PM

Yeah, Kim, Sam is right. The first one was just on a different wavelength. The SECOND ONE was the BC.

Posted by: Acidman on April 29, 2003 07:18 PM

I like this picture. You look like the lead guitarist for Bloodrock (D.O.A., baby)

Posted by: Velociman on April 29, 2003 08:50 PM

She has a lovely pair of

eyes. You look like all the guys I grew up with, only, somehow, smarter. Do you even remember the early 80's?

Posted by: Chuck on April 30, 2003 09:04 AM

Don't bogart that joint my friend
Pass it over to me...

Posted by: Brent on April 30, 2003 11:16 PM

Okay, sorry -- I can't keep up with yer ex-wives. Bloody hell, I can barely keep up with MINE.

But you STILL look like a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie.

Posted by: Kim du Toit on May 1, 2003 12:47 AM

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