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April 18, 2003

women should not read this

I am not circumcised. I was born in a six-room clinic on the side of a mountain in Harlan County, Kentucky, and I came from a long line of uncircumcised men. That surgical alteration of personal equipment simply wasn't done back then. So, I've lived all my life as natural as Bejus intended me to be.

When my son was born, I made the decision that HE would not be circumsised, either. He will be a rarity in football locker rooms and showers, the same as I was growing up. But he will thank me some day.

To me, circumcision is a barbaric act. It is penile mutilation. Regular application of soap and water will do everything circumcision is supposed to do, without the surgery. I'll wash my dick when I don't brush my teeth. That's called HYGENE and I'm teaching my son to mind his tool the same way I do mine. I hope it serves him just as well as mine has, too.

Jack has been clipped. No wonder. He lives in a world full of women. But most kids are like him no matter where they live.

Uncircumcised men are rare today. My son is unique and he wears a dick that fits him. It's unique and just as Mother Nature made it.

I hope he finds a woman who appreciates it someday.


We Aquarians have a tendency to have no secrets, don't we? Hah.

Your disclaimer that women shouldn't read this is silly. Why? Because it's human nature (women especially) for an admonishment to "Don't do this," to most assuredly make one WANT to do that very thing.

Thanks for sharing. Heh.

Posted by: margi on April 18, 2003 11:40 PM

My five month old son is uncut (despite me being of Jewish heritage) and I agree with the sentiments in this entry. His father is uncut as well - it was just a "given" that we weren't going to put our son through that.

My four month old nephew, however, has been cut. Sitting our sons side-by-side made my sister cry at how unnatural and painful her own son's penis looked. So we kind of mourned the passing of her son's foreskin, I guess.

It's refreshing to see a man speaking out against circumcision. In my first Lamaze class I heard many men saying they were going to have their sons cut simply because they themselves had been cut. What, is this something dads want? Father/son matching penises? Ugh.

Posted by: Natalie on April 18, 2003 11:47 PM

Quinton is 9, right? Won't be long before he's washing it really fast.

Posted by: Larry on April 19, 2003 12:07 AM

All the Smith men are proud of their penises. I'm telling you, Quinton's gonna be just as bad as his daddy with that thing.

Posted by: Da Goddess on April 19, 2003 03:20 AM


Bore blogging again?

Posted by: Joni on April 19, 2003 03:49 AM

Larry, it's HIS crank, and he can wash it as long and as fast as he wants to.

Posted by: Acidman on April 19, 2003 06:23 AM

In the early stages, he sure won't be washing it long, eh? Often maybe. Not long.

Posted by: Larry on April 19, 2003 12:34 PM

I often bitched at my parents about possibly shorting me an inch in "growing room". I mean, what the hell am I going to do with only 8 inches left?

Posted by: Velociman on April 19, 2003 07:54 PM

My boy may not wash it long, but he'll be washing a LONG ONE. That acorn didn't fall far from the tree.

Posted by: Acidman on April 20, 2003 05:58 AM
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