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December 07, 2003

pony man

"When it's midnight on the meadow and the cats are in the shed
And the river tells a story at the window by my bed
If you listen very closely (be as quiet as you can)
In the yard you'll hear him, it is the pony man."

That's the first verse of a song about a magical creature who takes children on big adventures at night and manages to get them back in their beds before the sun rises in the morning. It's a great song.

I hate Sunday evenings. After a weekend of enjoying a house full of kids, I find an eerie quiet around the Crackerbox after Quinton leaves. That quiet disturbs and depresses me. I feel as if my life-force is being sucked right out of my heart.

I looked at a picture this evening that made me cry. It's a picture of me playing guitar and singing to Quinton when he was still in diapers. Every time he pitched a fit as a baby, I could make him hush and settle down when I sang to him. His favorite song was "Pony Man," by Gordon Lightfoot. I must have played that song more than 100 times for him. He liked it long before he could understand the words.

In that picture, Quinton has a big smile on his face and he appears to be clapping his hands. He is less than a year old. I remember that day. I'm perched in a kitchen chair and his little ass is sitting on the floor. I am playing and singing "Pony Man." His mama took that picture because she always was amazed at the way Quinton settled down and behaved when I sang to him.

Quinton doesn't care to hear me play and sing anymore. He's outgrown that phase now. He prefers to have daddy throw a football or shoot hoops with him. I don't mind doing those things, but a part of me really misses that little boy who sat on the floor and listened to my music with wonder in his eyes.

Yeah. I miss being the Pony Man.


One of these days that phase will come back. Let's hope his heart and your voice are up to it.

Posted by: Wichi Dude on December 7, 2003 08:25 PM

Just wait 'till the Grand kids come along! That's when it gets fun!
And if you start whining about prolly not being around then, put that above mentioned little ditty and others to music accompanied by that ferkin' Oscar and burn them some CDs. Or better yet, video CDs or DVDs.

Better do that before you lose your hair!

Posted by: marcus on December 7, 2003 10:20 PM

I've told you before that when puberty hits and he learns that guitars, singing and girls just go together, he'll want to learn to play.

Posted by: Ms Anna on December 7, 2003 10:21 PM

My boy was always partial to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald! Course being from Michigan might have sumthin to do with it. Prolly in a few years he'll be begging you to show him how to strum and pick.

Posted by: terry on December 8, 2003 06:06 AM

I'd expect his appreciation to come back. I used to sing my daughter to sleep. I like to sing, and often either sing along with the radio in my car, or turn it off so I can sing songs the stations here don't/won't play.

Around the time she was four or five, Cheryl started demanding, "Daddy, don't sing!" every time I started. That lasted several years. These days, she'll sometimes sing along with me or with the radio.

By the way, I first heard "Pony Man" two or three years ago. Very nice song. Then again, I like most Lightfoot songs I've heard.

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