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April 14, 2012

booing and cheering

Originally published October 16, 2003

Did you ever go to a home game for YOUR football team and boo the shit out of them? I did, many times. I watched the Atlanta Falcons play for the SUCK years. I booed a lot back then.

I've never booed my beloved Georgia Bulldogs, although I was tempted during the 33-0 shutout Kentucky handed them in 1977. Prince Charles attended that game and showed up on the field at halftime to accept a Kentucky jersey from one of those bastards who were kicking Bulldog ass that day.

I booed The Prince of Wales.

As an American, I thought that I had the right to boo the Prince. I have the right to boo anybody I want to boo. That's called First Amendment freedom of speech. So what if that guy is heir to the throne of England?

I am a free man. I don't genuflect to ANYBODY.

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