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December 21, 2011

i must look really old

Originally published September 19, 2003

The company I work for just announced a corporate-wide Work Force Reduction Plan to trim about $30 million per year off operating costs. The company intends to get rid of between 7-to-9 percent of the people currently employed. The dirty deed will be done in three ways:

1) We'll give you the chance to leave of your own volition, with a nice early retirement package if you are over the age of 55 with at least seven years with the company.

2) You will be told to leave because your job is abolished, and you will receive a reduced severance package.

3) You will be thrown out on your ear because your boss says that you were never worth a shit anyway. The "severance package" you get then is a set of walking papers.

I cannot believe the number of people who have asked ME if I am going to take "the package." I WOULD if I COULD, but I'm only 51 (and a half) years old!!! I DON'T QUALIFY!!!

This shit has really depressed me since the notice was released. Do I really LOOK 55 or older? Maybe I do. I damn sure have the gray silver hair of someone that age. I look in the mirror MYSELF and wonder who IS that old fart staring back at me? Yeah, I could see someone 30 years old thinking I was ready to be put to out pasture when he/she sees me.

But I really believe that people at work think I am older than my actual age because I've been there for a long time. There are only about two dozen people in the place who have seniority on me. October 9th will make 24 years that I've worked at that plant. I'm one of the few remaining people there who remember when American Cyanamid owned it. That company doesn't exist anymore.

All the old heads grabbed their packages and ran when the new owners took over three years ago and offered them an out. I didn't qualify then, and I don't qualify now. I am too old to be vital and too young to be bought off. Ain't that a bitch?

I don't care if I was an old head when most of the employees working there now hired in. I STILL don't think I look 55 years old. I don't care if I HAVE been there for what seems like forever.

I don't look a day over 54.

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