Gut Rumbles

March 14, 2010


Originally published October 26, 2002

Yeah, the SAME THING happened in Georgia when PAUL COVERDALE died unexpectedly. Maybe the Democrats can run Robert Torricelli in Minnesota as a last-minute replacement.

After all, it's all about power GOOD GOVERNMENT.

I didn't like Paul Wellstone's philosophy, but I liked the man. I believe that he was the genuine article, exactly what he claimed to be, unlike so many of the chamelion, finger-in-the-wind, weasel-assed snotwads in government today. I disagreed with almost everything Wellstone stood for, but I admired the man for having the balls to be himself, the doofus.

I can disagree with people and still respect them if they display character traits I admire, such as honesty, integrity, toughness and tenacity. I may think that they're full of shit, but I'll give 'em credit for being HONESTLY full of shit. Hell, I'M full of shit, when I ride my personal hobby-horse until the legs fall off.

But I will despise Bill Clinton and his ilk and minions all my life, because they manufacture whatever shit is necessary to fill themselves with, and they lie when the truth would have served them better. I really don't understand people like that. I also despise the people who eat that shit up like gravy on rice, too. They drink the purple Kool-Aid gladly, with eyes shut and every lesson Mom and Dad ever taught them shut down. Fuckwits. The same people wonder how Adolph Hitler came to power. Gawd! It only takes a dedicated cadre of True Believers, you gravy-suckers!

As for myself, I believe that I will go to Wisenbacker's bar and watch football today.

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