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February 06, 2010


Originally published September 3, 2004

I believe that David Steinberg once did a stand-up routine about stereotypes. I don't believe that he could get away with that act today.

He had the NERVE to suggest that some Jews are good with money, some Irish drink to excess, some Polish people aren't really smart, some blacks have rhythm and some Asian kids do VERY well in school. Imagine that. Where do you think stereotypes come from?

Let's try the same motif a different way: Blacks are good with money. Jews drink to excess. Asian kids aren't really smart. Polish kids do VERY well in school. Irish people just keep fucking up all the time. Hell--- I'm Irish, so I can say that politically-incorrect statement with impunity.

But that shit ain't gonna fly because there is NO BASIS for saying such things. You can't create a stereotype or a generalization unless a group displayed the kind of behavior you're GENERALIZING, and they displayed it consistently.

Stereotypes exist because people EARNED THEM. These things weren't just invented out of whole cloth. I know that you can't paint everyone with a broad brush, but reality is what it is.

Yeah. I have no problems with generalizations.

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