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February 03, 2010

Health care

Originally published September 3, 2004

The topic of health care really pisses me off when I hear Democrats talk about it. I listened to Kerry speak last night, and I suffered a case of cognitive dissonance. Is health care the same thing as medical insurance? Evidently it is, according to Kerry.

"44 million Americans go without health care today."

Is that a fact? I went to a hospital emergency room a few months ago and saw a big sign saying that the hospital COULD NOT deny care to a needy patient whether the patient had insurance or not. I don't see people dying in the streets for lack of health care. What I DO see is a lot of hyperventilation and vapors about a "crisis" that doesn't exist.

My company, where I worked for 24 years, canceled my health insurance the first chance it got to drop me. They said I was guilty of "non-payment," then refunded the last check I sent them. They did the same thing to Catfish, who worked there even longer than I did. I called to bitch about what they did, but gave up after getting the phone-menu runaround for almost an hour.

Fuck 'em. I don't have to take this shit. I bought a Blue Cross policy for less than half the price the company wanted me to pay for their insurance. It's not as good as the insurance I once had and the deductible is a LOT higher, but it protects me from catastrophic incidents such as car wrecks or heart attacks. That's all I need. It costs $150 per month, and that includes dental insurance, too.

Don't blow smoke up my ass about a health care crisis in America. We don't have one.

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