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August 24, 2009

just for the hell of it

Originally PUBLISHED October 19, 2003

Have you ever done anything "just for the hell of it?" I like that term.

"Just for the hell of it." That term describes the motivation for doing things you probably wouldn't do if you thought long and hard about doing it FIRST, but since you didn't, you went ahead "just for the hell of it." Sometimes, you end up with a great adventure that way. Sometimes, you end up with scars. Sometimes you meet a few interesting people in jail. The "hell" is in that term for a reason.

I tend to do things "just for the hell of it." I once did it because I was a wild young man. Now I do it because I miss my youth and I feel that I have little to lose anymore. I've already lost everything I ever gave a shit about, and once you overcome that kind of shock, life becomes very free.

Recondo 32 invited me to attend his father's funeral today, but I declined. I never met the man when he was alive, and I don't like funerals anyway. I actually thought about going, just for the hell of it, but I don't belong there. The funeral is for the family and I'm not part of that.

I once took a dare and jumped off the second bridge leading to Skidaway Island when the bridge was still under construction. That's the tall bridge. I must have plunged 50' before I hit the water even at high tide. I broke the water clean and went all the way to the bottom of the river, where my feet sunk about 6" into mud before I clawed my way to the surface. I did that just for the hell of it, but I never wanted to do it again.

Quinton is a nine year-old boy because I did something just for the hell of it. Jennifer asked, and I complied. I don't regret doing it, but I certainly wish that the circumstances were different today. I sired a fine son. I just did it with a pure piece of shit partner. I wish that I had never met her, but I went out on that first date just for the hell of it.

Just for the hell of it.

Sometimes, you really should look before you leap.

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