Gut Rumbles

June 04, 2009


Originally published March 11, 2004

I keep a loaded Colt .38 revolver in a holster that hangs from a hook just inside my front door. I keep the door locked all the time now, which is something I never did in the past. If the doorbell rings, I grab the pistol first, then look outside to see who is there. Only then do I open the door.

I sure have freaked-out some Jehovah's Witnesses that way.

One thing liberals and gun-control freaks don't understand is that the sight of an armed man is enough to convince most criminals or people of low degree to leave you alone. I believe in that fact.

I also believe that the gun by the front door is not a bad idea.

And NO!, you trolling assholes. I don't keep it there when Quinton is around. But he's not around now, and I'm getting death threats from people who don't have the balls to follow through on their words. Come ring my doorbell, assholes.

See what you find.

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