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May 27, 2009

Good advice

Originally published November 10, 2003

If you ever are pulled over by a policeman for any reason whatsoever, let me tell you what to do.

1) Sit in the car and keep both hands on the wheel where the officer can see them.

2) When he comes to the window and asks for license, registration and proof of insurance, tell him, "the license is in my wallet and I'm getting the other stuff off the visor over my head." Do so, slowly, so that he can see every move you make.

3) If he asks if you have a gun in the car, DENY IT, unless you have a concealed-carry permit. That's why you don't keep that paperwork in the glove compartment next to to .38. He has no reason to look there unless you are drunk or if you fuck with him.

4) Address the man as "Sir" with everything you say. Understand what this guy does for a living. He deals with a lot of shitballs in his life and he is naturally suspicious of YOU. That's what he is paid to do. The last thing you want is to give him an excuse to treat YOU like a shitball. Look at the pistol, handcuffs, radio and billy-club hanging off his Sam Browne belt. Do you REALLY want to fuck with him? I don't think so. Be polite and be honest about everything except the pistol in the glove-box.

5) Take the ticket like a man. If you disagree with the officer, fight it in court, not on the side of the road. Don't argue.

Recondo 32 and I agree on this subject. So does my cop-cousin in Florida.

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