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May 23, 2009

The wind in the trees

Originally published March 8, 2004

Today has been a beautiful day. The sky is cloudless and blue and the sun is shining brightly. I made a big bowl of shrimp salad and ate it on the back porch while I listened to the wind chimes ringing like church bells.

The wind was up and the trees were all doing that magical dance that they do when they twist and sway under Mother Nature's hand. I like this kind of weather.

I now have more than a dozen doves who land in my back yard every day. I've been tossing birdseed outside for a while now and they like to hunt and peck for it. Every time I walk outside, they all take off with that fluttering and cooing that they do when spooked, but if I just sit there for a while, they come back, timid and suspicious, but they come back. I like birds.

I believe that if I keep charming them, I'll convince one to eat out of my hand before long. They don't trust me yet, but I'm working on that project. There's an Alpha male in the bunch who will come close to me if I hold still. He's thinking about eating seed from my hand, but he's not convinced that it's a safe move yet. As I said, I like birds, and this kind of game gives me something to do in the mornings and evenings.

The birds do not like cigar smoke. They'll land in the yard and hunt and peck for seeds, but they won't come close to me if I'm smoking a stogie. Well, that's just how it goes sometimes.

That's how my blog goes, too. I ruffle a few feathers sometimes, but I still like the birds. I'll smoke a cigar when I want one. The birds will just have to get used to it. That's who I am. Besides-- it's MY goddam yard.

And I don't care who resents it. (Scroll down a couple of posts to see what I mean.) I should show my balls by saying I'm sorry for what I wrote? Kiss my Cracker ass with that idea.

No apology-- not ever.

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