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May 20, 2009

An addendum

Originally published November 11, 2003

I don't spend as much time with my son as I wish that I could. When he's around, I encourage him to BE A BOY. Run, jump, catch a football, haunt the woods, have fun, play your ass off.

But I also try to teach him RULES.

He does what I tell him to do, or unpleasant consequences follow. He knows that fact. That's why he obeys me without question. (He may outgrow that attitude when he becomes a teenager, but I've got the right roots planted so far.)

I didn't inculcate that response in my son because I wanted to break his spirit. That's the LAST thing in the world I ever want to do. But he needs to understand RULES. He needs to understand that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. He needs to understand that there are some things out there that you JUST DON'T DO. It's my job to teach him those things.

If my boy ever walked into a classroom and beat the shit out of a teacher, I would ask the cops to give me a minute with him before they hauled him off to jail. I would use that minute to beat the shit out of HIM, then I would hand him over to the cops, while telling Quinton, "You made your bed. Now sleep in it." Goddamit! I taught my boy better manners than that.

Too many parents don't do that elementary job of raising a child. Far too many BLACK PARENTS don't do it. I know that it's politically incorrect to say so, but when 12% of our population is responsible over over half the prison inmates in the country and they enjoy a 70% illegitimate birth rate, somebody needs to say STOP IT! Sweet Bejus on a bicycle! Stop excusing this shit. Stop blaming it all on racism and poverty. Put the responsibility where it belongs.

Those two 16 year-olds who beat up that teacher did so because they are a pair of animals who do not understand how to behave in polite society. They belong in jail. I don't want assholes such as they are attending school with Quinton. My boy will not receive an education if he is surrounded by thugs in school. I want them GONE, out of there. And I don't say that because they are black.

I say it because they are undisciplined savages.

I've spent 30 years of my life watching and listening to people excuse this sort of behavior and even ENCOURAGE IT with their failure to admit that personal responsibility starts with YOU. It's about time people got fed up and called a halt to it.

When a 16 year-old mau-mau invades a classroom, beats up a teacher and has a STUDENT IN THE CLASS help him kick the man when he's down, that's not a racial problem. That's a self-discipline problem. That a problem for CIVILIZATION. And I can think of NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for that kind of behavior.

If I were black, I would be appalled by that story. If you are black, you should be, too.

No, I take that back. EVERYONE WHO READS IT should be appalled by that story, because that's exactly what 30 years of diversity-indoctrination and racial set-asides have given us: A generation of thugs, with chips on their shoulders, no respect for manners and no self-dicipline.

Government works wonders, doesn't it?

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