Gut Rumbles

May 12, 2009


Originally published November 12, 2003

Another fucking troll.

I really appreciate the ballsy bastard who comes to my site under hotmail names or a yahoo addresses and spreads shit on my page. You are some kind of stud-muffin, to do THAT, you cowardly shitass. Yeah, I am impressed.

I am not afraid of you. If you've got a bitch with ME, then bring it on. I'll give you my address. Drop by any time. I don't lurk in the shadows like a fucking troll. I don't need to know when you're coming. I am HERE any time you want a piece of me. I won't run and I won't hide. But you had better come jocked-up, Bubba. That's the way I play. I spent too many years in bars to be dazzled by you, fuckhead. I've seen fire and rain. Have you?

If you don't like me, why don't you do something about it, asshole? Ain't no fence around my Cracker ass. Come get some, any time you want it.

You pathetic piece of shit.

This was a public service announcement from Acidman Central, directed at one certain troll. Don't you just LOVE such people?.

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