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May 02, 2009

Someone asked

Originally published November 13, 2003

I was raised attending a Methodist church. I didn't like going there. I liked to sing, but they always picked shitty hymns to do. Just look at some of John Wesley's work. NOBODY CAN SING THAT SHIT!

I was baptised in The First Independent Church Of Christ, which is not far removed from foot-washing, snake-handling fundamentalist Christians. I was dating a member of the church at the time. It seemed like a good idea to join her church and to go get dipped there. So, I did.

I was in college at the time and well on my way to becoming an English Major. That's when I started studying the Bible. I've read it front to back four times now. I see nothing in there but the superstitious ramblings of a primitive people. God is not consistent all the way through. Jesus is not consistent.
Hell, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all saw the same things in different ways. Don't tell me that shit is "gospel."

I am a heathen unbeliever. But I did my homework before I came to where I am today. I'll be delighted to explain my beliefs in detail if anyone wants to challenge me. But read the entire Bible first. Don't give me quotes out of context. Read the whole thing. Read it four times.

Then ask me why I am not a religious man.

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