Gut Rumbles

April 18, 2009


Originally published February 26, 2004

I would hate to teach my son the same lessons I learned in life. My father taught them to me, and I always wished the he was wrong. But he wasn't

1) Never trust anybody.

2) There is no such thing as something for nothing.

3) If you hang your ass out on a limb, be ready for the fall.

I believe that my father instructed me well. He instrcted me to try things that a lot of ass-puffs don't have the nerve to do, and he taught me to cover my ass whenever possible. He also taught me to accept the consequences of my actions. He never said, don't fuck up. but he ALWAYS said "Don't fuck up the same way twice." LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

I don't even know where my father is buried now. I know the cemetary, but I never go there to visit. Mama has a site right next to his, and guess what? When she dies, I won't go there to visit, either. It's just two fucking holes in the ground. That ain't my mama and daddy.

I want to be cremated, and I want my ashes put in a Mason jar. I want Recondo 32, Georgia, Cop3 and my brother to toss my remains in a creek somewhere in the mountains, or just pitch them out the window of the car as they are driving down the road. I won't give a shit by then.

Dying does not frighten me. Living, with lawyers, ex-wives and every other kind of maggot on earth gnawing at my ass DOES frighten me. Got-dam! Dying is easy. Being eaten alive by maggots is not.

There's a choice coming soon.

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