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April 17, 2009

Sick shit

Originally published November 15, 2003

Have a barf-bag handy if you want to read this. The blithering asshole who wrote it calls himself a "Christian," too.

I make no bones about my dislike, and yes... EVEN HATRED for some of the leftist fuckwits I see ruining this country today. I despise Bill Clinton. I abhor his wife. I believe that Al Gore is a loon. I wouldn't piss on Chuck Schumer if he were on fire. But I never would suggest killing those people (Yeah, I say "drag 'em off and shoot 'em" a lot, but that's just rhetoric. I don't really mean it. I believe that this guy really thinks about offing a bunch of people to make the country "better.")

We'll make the country better at the ballot box or we'll watch it go down the tubes and turn into a fucking France because that's what voters want. Either way, that's not MY decision to make all by myself. Assassination is NOT how to get your way in this country and anyone who even contemplates such an idea needs a lesson in American History.

That person also needs therapy and a few mood-altering drugs, perhaps administered in a rubber room.

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