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April 12, 2009

Growing a beard

Originally published February 25, 2004

I am about the get my hair cut short and get rid of the beard I've grown for the past couple of months. I know a beautician who also says that she can dye my hair without me having allergic reactions from the process. I am becoming a blonde on Thursday.

Why the fuck not? I've never been blonde since I ws seven years old. This woman says that she can do it without burning my scalp off and I am going to give her a shot. What's the worst that can happen? If I don't like it, I'll shave my head again.

Boy, Jennifer HATED IT when I did that once before. I don't believe that she ever forgave me for getting that haircut. But I simply cut my hair. It grew back.

She took a new lover. Unlike hair, that pure betrayal shit never grows back.

You've got hair and you've got divorce law. You're a lot better off fucking with your hair. Hair grows back.

But divorce is forever.

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