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April 07, 2009

Yeah, still awake

Originally published November 17, 2003

That etched-in-stone 9:30 PM bedtime I lived with for so long has gone by the wayside lately. I am learning to stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning again. I kinda like it.

When I got back home from Blood Mountain, all my digital clocks in the house were blinking 12:00. Obviously, a power outage occurred while I was away. Know what? Every one of those clocks is STILL blinking 12:00. I have not reset a one. I don't intend to, either. I don't need to know what time it is anymore. In fact, I might dig a hole in the back yard and bury every one of those fuckers.

I ate Chinese food today after I watched the Atlanta Falcons piss away another football game. I stayed away from the egg-drop soup this time and ate something called "The Happy Family." It's enough food to feed a happy family, so I have a go-box full in the refrigerator now to finish tomorrow. I ordered it just because I saw the irony in the name of the meal.

I saw an incredibly beautiful woman while I was in the restaurant. She wasn't one of the Asian waitresses that I always find so attractive. She was obviously Hispanic, with long, dark hair and olive skin. I stopped with a shrimp halfway to my mouth to watch her walk by. Damn! That was one good-looking woman.

Yeah, I know that I'm a pervert, but I couldn't help wondering what she would look like nekkid, with that black hair and dark skin pressed on clean, white sheets in my bed. ZING! I went off into fantasy land for a moment.

I came back to earth shortly thereafter and continued eating my meal. But I hope that I dream about her tonight.

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