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March 25, 2009

Red toenails

Originally published November 17, 2003

I am a hopeless fetishist about a few womanly attributes. I freely admit that fact.

Pretty feminine feet with red toenails turn me on. In fact, they drive me CRAZY! I find myself watching commercials and HBO movies that feature half-nekkid wimmen and I'm looking at their FEET, for crying out loud. I am one sick puppy.

I like dangly earrings on pert, feminine ears. I like to kiss a woman's ears and feel the jewelry on my tongue when I nibble around her lobes. I like it when she gets goosebumps from being kissed that way.

I find a woman's navel very sexy. I've been known to drink wine out of that loving cup before. I enjoy doing that.

I like to kiss a woman on the neck. I must have some vampire blood in me, because that really makes me excited, especially when I feel her hair on my face and she arches her head back to give me better access. Something about kissing a woman on the neck while she encourages me to do so just makes me feel... evil, and I LIKE that feeling.

I like feeling a woman's hands on me. I don't mind if they scratch and claw a little bit, either. Yeah. Rake my back as long as I can kiss your neck. It's a fair deal in my book; just let me feel your hands on me.

I like a woman who sleeps with her ass pressed up against my front and enjoys having my arm across her breasts. I also like it when I want some more in the middle of the night and she purrs like a kitten as I ease myself inside her from behind, and she snuggles her ass even closer to me. That's VERY good.

Okay, that's enough pornography for one night. I'm getting myself all worked up.

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