Gut Rumbles

March 24, 2009


Originally published February 21, 2004

I've been playing a lot lately. Hell, I may have to go for tips on River Street this summer if I intend to generate any income. I can probably make $50 per night if I do about three hours.

I've always loved making music. I believe that I really got serious after seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1963. I've been playing music ever since. I've played as a solo, in duos, as part of a threesome and in a six-piece rock-and-roll band. I walked away from several bands because I didn't like the music we played. I almost starved to death playing with bands that I liked.

I still love making music. I'm just not as hungry as I once was. I like to play with my friends now and then, but we do it for fun and the love of what we do, and sometimes we sound damned good. I can get several old geezers together and we can tear up a barrooom after a week's pracrice.. I could still make money from music if I wanted to. But I don't want to.

I may change my mind shortly. I'm getting some very attractive offers.

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