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March 12, 2009

Why I want to shoot my phone

Originally published February 16, 2004

The mail ran Saturday and I found a collection noitice in my mailbox. A fucking CREDIT AGENCY is after my ass over $1,000 I supposedly still owe the hospital after my bionic dick implant. I became very pissed and called the hospital first, then Oklahoma City thereafter. I know that I don't owe a swinging dick a dime.

I went way, way of pocket this year on insurance. I have over $36,000 worth of medical bills that either I or my company insurance paid. $5,000 of that money was mine. After I ran through that money, the insurance company owed the rest. They should have paid. the shit-birds. If they fuck with me anymore, I'll break my foot again and cost them $10,000.

Goddam Try to be a nice guy and see what you get?

They did well, paying all but this one stupid bill. According to a lovely young woman named "Heather" that I talked to today, my claim was denied because THE COMPANY I HAVE NEVER NAMED on this blog didn't show me registered as a heathcare member anymore. I called OKC and THEY don't know how my membership vanished. It's about to become unvanished, however, because you can bet your sweet ass on that part. I still worked for the plant on 9/7/03 and I was fully insured.

They will pay that $1,000 and I've already gotten the credit report removed. I gave Heather all the necessary phone numbers, account numbers and Social Security numbers that she should need to do her job. I also gave every bit of that shit to some bureaucrat in OKC. All I want is another "WE AIN'T GONNA PAY" from OKC.

Yes, you will, you bastards. No fucking bureaucrat ever scared me.

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