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March 11, 2009

Pissin' all over myself

Originally published November 19, 2003

Yeah, I posted about pissing my bed last night. I did it. I confess. I was in one of those dream-things that was very powerful at the time.

I stripped the sheets and threw them into the washing machine. I'll let the mattress dry and put clean sheets on the bed this evening. It'll be okay.

I have no shame about writing a post such as that one. I had to wear diapers for six months after my prostate surgery, so the concept of pissing all over myself is not new to me. Bejus knows, I've done it plenty of times when I couldn't control my bladder anymore. I believe that a lot of my "honesty" on this blog comes from the fact that I saw my male dignity totally stripped from me two years ago. NOTHING shames me anymore.

Go through that kind of shit and you have two choices. You can either laugh or cry. I did some of both, but I learned one fact: Laughing feels better.

So, yeah. I pissed my bed last night. That funny, don't you think? Hell, LAUGH ABOUT IT! What's the problem? What's the big deal?

You weren't sleeping with me.

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