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February 18, 2009

Thinking about dogs

Originally published November 21, 2003

Have you ever held a dog and petted it while the vet put it down? I have, four times.

The needle goes in, the doc squeezes the and the dog lets out a sigh. Then, it's all over. Lights out. Goodbye.

Every time I did that, I made it out of the vet's office to my truck, where I sat behind the steering wheel and cried like a baby. Goddam! That's a tough thing to do when you love the dog like a member of the family. But when it's sick, it can't eat anymore and it's in pain all the time, you have to do the humane act. If you really love the dog, you'll do right by it and let it out of its misery.

I wish that we treated people the same way.

Quinton and I are going to adopt a dog tomorrow. At my age, if I pick a hardy pup, he and I may last about the same number of years. I don't want to put down another dog in my life. That shit is just too painful, even if it is the right thing to do.

If I play my cards right, my new dog and I will become old farts together. He ages seven years for evey one of mine, so he'll catch up to me fast. We can sit together in our old age and growl at the world even if we don't have all our teeth anymore. I'll pet his head and he can wag his tail. We'll be best of friends.

I want that.

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